Token- free chats, Stripchat Live: How to add Unlimited Tokens FREE on Stripchat!!! Full Guide!!!

Models with Notes Friends List You can add models and other members to your Friends List and then they will appear on your Online Friends list when they are online. Click their username to send them a Private Message, click their avatar next to their name to bring up their menu.

A closed door means the model is in a Private Show; a closed door token- free chats a lock on it means the model is in a TruePrivate Show; a closed door with a "G" on it means the model is in a Group Show.

A clock icon means the model is currently Away. If a model's name is shown as online, but there is no door icon and no webcam icon, it means she is logged in but not broadcasting her webcam at this time.

Navigation menu

She may still be able to send and receive PMs. If a friend's name is highlighted yellow, it means they may be typing you a Private Message. Bookmarks You can add Models to your Bookmarks list. Models that are Bookmarks will: Appear in a peach background on the Model List. By default, appear at the top of the Model List, although you can change that in your Model List Settings. You may click Customize at the top of the Sidebar and make visible a panel that will show your online Bookmarks.

Dragging Behavior Clicking and holding a Model's username or avatar and then dragging it into the following fields will have the described effects: Into your Friends List: The user will be added as a Friend.

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If the model was a Bookmark, the bookmark will be removed since she is now a token- free chats. Into your Bookmarks List: The model will be added as a Bookmark.

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If the model as a Friend, the friend status will be removed since she is now a bookmark. Some of these features are only available to Premium Members, while others are also available to Basic Members or Guests. Customize At the top of the Sidebar, click the Customize link to change your Sidebar panels. My Account The My Account page provides access to all of the primary options and settings for your account.

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You should read through this page at least once to learn everything you can change. Below are a few of the features located there. Changing Primary Email Address Send an email from your current primary email address to.

Stripchat Live: How to add Unlimited Tokens FREE on Stripchat!!! Full Guide!!!

If you are unable to send us an email from your current primary email address, please send us a copy of your government-issued photo ID to User Notes You can save notes about any member or model olympic trade binary options reviews the site that you can see later.

Only you complex strategies for binary options see these notes. No one else can view them. You can add notes in the following ways: From the bottom of any Private Message window with any member or model, by clicking the "Notes" link.

How to add Free token for Stripchat:

A little Notepad icon will appear next to any member or model when you have notes for them. Click the icon to view their notes in the main Notepad editor. Here are a few ways User Notes can be useful: For remembering facts like birthdays. For writing descriptions or tags about the member or model, that you can then search later using the Notes Search. For example, you can write "basketball" in the Notes of any user who likes this topic and then later you can search "basketball" in the Notes Search and it will show you what users are online that you wrote this note about.

Account Options

Online Model Notifications Online Model Notifications will send you an alert by e-mail or online sound when a model that you specify comes online. Bring a Friend Please see our Bring a Friend page. Personal Options The Personal Options page contains settings for anything related to interaction with other users, chat rooms, private messages, and sharing your webcam. Make sure to look through this page at least once to know what you can change.

Hidden Models You may Hide models so that they will no longer appear for you on the model list. Note: This feature is only token- free chats to be used to hide a small number of models you do not wish to see. With thousands of models on this website, it would be impractical to hide ALL of the models you do not like.

Therefore, if you are trying to make it so that your Model List only shows models that you like, you should select the "Friends Only" mode or otherwise alter your Model List Settings rather than relying on the Hidden Models feature.

Profiles All models and members can build custom Profiles containing their pictures, information, links, etc. Profile pages have their own ratings, friends, and admirers, and they are generally a lot of fun token- free chats browse.

Note: Please do not post any pornographic or inappropriate material on your own profile or on the profiles of other models or members. Please do not post spam or annoying content on your profile or the profiles of others. Please do not post the same thing on multiple profiles this is considered spam. Doing any of these things will get you banned. Lounge Please see our page about the Lounge.

News Feed The News Feed feature allows any premium member or model to write a short message. Then any other premium member or model that is "following" them would see that post displayed on their own news feed. You automatically receive news feed updates from your friends in addition to the people you choose to follow. MFC Mail MFC Mail is an internal mail system located in your personal menu which you can use to send longer messages to models and to other members.

Stripchat Video Chat Expirience

Your MFC Mail account will save all of your sent and received messages, and you can see if the recipients have viewed your messages. Username Highlighted Yellow: Sender is currently Online. Shows Avatar in front of Username: From a Model. E-Mail Notifications: If Enabled, we will send you an e-mail notification to your regular account e-mail address if you have any new unread MFC Mails in the last 24 hours.

These e-mail notifications are not instant, and are only sent out once a day if you have any new unread MFC Mails.

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If you do not receive them in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Archives All of your token- free chats shows are automatically recorded and saved token- free chats you forever on your Archives page. All of your chats from chat rooms and private messages are also automatically saved for you.

You can clear your chat archives and videos using the links provided, but these changes cannot be reversed so please think twice before performing these actions.

This means that if a private show is somehow not recorded, or if the video is somehow corrupted and not playable, we cannot refund the tokens spent on the private show, because that money has to go to the model. Model Tags and Member Tags Each model can write up to 16 different keywords or phrases, called Model Tags, about her account.

Then you can search all online models based on these tags. Members can write tags about themselves also, token- free chats they are listed in Member Tags. Model Topics The room topics of every model on the site are broken down by word and included in a giant word cloud that we call Model Topics.

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Click any word to see all of the topics of currently online models that contain that word. By default, we only show words that appear in more than one model's topic. But you can change it to show "All Words" for a full list. This can be a very useful tool to quickly find models that you enjoy watching.

You may access this feature in the following ways: Personal Menu Link. Click the Models You May Like link to open a new window where you can input model s that you like. Models You May Like Section. When you are in a model's chat room, the lower-right part of your screen will show other Models You May Like. Top of Model List. You may set your Model List Preferences such that when you are in a model's room, other Models You May Like will appear at the top of your token- free chats list.

They will have a green background and a thumbs-up icon.

These are the steps to get an unlimited free token of Stripchat Live:

Clicking the icon will open the full Models You May Like popup. Note: In Option 1 above, you manually select the input model s. In Options 2 and 3, the Input model is the model whose room you are in. Member Rooms Premium Members can start chat rooms just like models. Just set a topic, select who is allowed to join, and other settings. Rooms can feature either the webcam feed of the room founder, or Lounge-style video which means the room members can watch any model token- free chats the site while chatting in the custom Member Room.

Member Webcams This page shows all of the members that are broadcasting webcams that you have permission to watch. Start My Webcam You can turn on token- free chats own webcam at any time and share it with models or other members, absolutely free. Just click the Start My Webcam link in your Personal Menu, and remember to edit your preferences in your "Personal Options" to set who is allowed to view your webcam.

Men Trannies Each category encompasses the specified photo and video footage. However, featured comprise a random roster of Stripchat models who appear on the resource. You can also apply a "sort by" function on the left. It helps to select people arousing your interest at the moment.