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Jan 6,am The new Kia logo was seen above the skyline in Korea as part of a pyrotechnics display. This new one, from Kia, is a sixth.

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The company launched the logo today in a glitzy display that included setting a Guinness World Record. Our new option comes represents our desire to inspire customers as their mobility needs evolve, and for our employees to rise to the challenges we face in a fast-changing industry. It's made to look more like a signature.

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Photo courtesy of Kia Motors The automaker says that the new design features "symmetry", "rhythm", and "rising" elements that "embody Kia's confidence and commitment to customers". It also "represents Kia's ambitions to establish a leadership position in the future mobility industry by revamping nearly all facets of its business".

The logo is joined with a new brand slogan: "Movement that inspires". It replaces "the power to surprise" and "give it everything", which have been used in the past few years.


Kia launched the logo with a record-breaking pyrotechnic display in the skies above Incheon, Korea. The event included pyrodrones launching hundreds of fireworks in a synchronized artistic display. You can watch the spectacle below.

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A new brand purpose and strategy will then bring revealed, with industry onlookers hoping that it brings new clarity for the direction of the Kia lineup, which exists currently as mish-mash of well-made, reasonably-designed vehicles currently without a cohesive theme. The logo and slogan change is another part of the Option comes 'Plan S' long-term business strategywhich plans for the introduction of a bevy of new models in the coming years.

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