9 Hacks to Make Smart Guess in Multiple Choice Questions

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View Larger Image Ever got stuck on multiple-choice questions in a test where you were not certain about the answer? Or, you had to rush through the last few questions due to paucity of time.

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When faced with such situations, the best you can do is eliminate as many options as possible and make an educated guess. Educated guess! But, are you really making educated guesses? Or, are you just randomly picking one of the remaining after eliminating the options you can options?

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Here are the hacks, or you may call them test-taking strategies, for multiple-choice tests — some of them used by me over the years — you can use to smart-guess. He crunched statistics on a sample of tests — 34 from schools and colleges and 66 from other sources, comprising of 2, multiple-choice questions. Without further ado, here are six hacks you can use when taking multiple choice tests: 1.

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How to guess answers to true-false questions? True statements come to our mind naturally, and hence with less effort, but we need to make up how to guess options false statements, which requires more effort?

No wonder, more T answers creep in question papers, as test makers unwittingly take the path of least resistance. In this sequence, two successive responses are same seven times out of nineteen the twentieth answer has no successor.

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Check it out for any test. Step 1: As always, first mark the answers you know.


Of these, first pick those whose both the neighboring responses are same either both are T or Fand choose the opposite of that as the answer. Here, question 7 has both its neighboring answers T, so pick F as the how to guess options for 7. The answer sheet now is: Step 3: When preceding and succeeding answers are different, then pick T as your response because T is likelier than F. So, we pick T for both 4 and 9.

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How to guess answers to multiple-choice questions? Through his data, Poundstone found following probabilities in case of multiple-choice questions: On tests with three choices say, A, B, and Call the options were equally likely to be correct.

As the number of options increase, the bias toward a particular answer increases.

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Wondering, how to answer multiple choice questions using these two hacks? Here is an example.

9 Hacks to Make Smart Guess in Multiple Choice Questions

Example Consider following three questions in a test in which you know answers to questions 28 and B and D, respectively. How do you go about answering 29? First, rule out any choice that you know for sure is wrong. Also, because answers are less likely to repeat, give one vote to A and none to B and D.

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Repeating the process we just followed in the previous example, B gets two votes and D, one. So, the guess here is B, the one with the higher vote.

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