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Its huge screen size combined with the 4K resolution will be more than enough for most traders for viewing multiple charts side by side.

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You also do not need to have a multi-monitor setup if you have this one. The 4K resolution will result in sharp graphs, charts, images, etc. The viewing angles are wide and comfortable.

  • Below listed features are the important ones a day trading monitor should include and be capable of handling a multitude of tasks.
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  • This has an extra-wide inch screen with crystal clear definition that will allow you to monitor multiple stocks at once and trade with ease.
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You can also use it for watching movies, casual gaming, and everything in between thanks to its decent in-built speakers. You also get a remote controller with it.

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There are more than enough connectivity options. It uses an IPS panel. The color accuracy is excellent.

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The images are vivid and full of detail. LG made no compromises in terms of image quality. You get the best picture possible. The brightness and contrast levels are more than satisfactory.

The monitor has a matte anti-glare coating to prevent any reflections from forming on it.

Best Monitor for Trading Reviews

You can view multiple windows at the same time using the screen split option. You are also given a remote controller through which you can operate this monitor. The build quality of this monitor is premium.


The bezels are also ultra-thin. The stand can only be used to tilt the monitor. This monitor is VESA compatible.

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You can wall-mount it using the same. You can use it for casual gaming.

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It is also HDCP 2. You can directly stream from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Casual gaming and watching movies will be a treat to the eyes. They provide decent audio for most of the tasks.

LG 43UD79-B - Best Monitor for Trading

There are fairly many connectivity options for this monitor. They include: Best monitors for trading 1. It also has a headphone jack.

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