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Only people who make a lot of money are successful


    Let us consider the facts.

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    From my point of view, being rich does not always mean to be successful. Firstly, if a person only works hard only for the purpose of earning a large amount of money, one will never be satisfied.

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    In addition, while making a fortune, this person may forget about his family. Consequently, he or she will have a lot of problems with relationships.

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    Nevertheless, there is a vast number of people who suppose that a successful businessman does not have any problems. They believe that a person who earns a considerable amount of money can afford everything.

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    For instance, entrepreneur can travel around the world, can purchase expensive things, can have important friends and he is always fortunate. However, I tend to believe that even rich people are not blessed all the time.

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    They can have many difficulties in their personal life, with health, in relationships etc. Also a businessman must constantly be responsible because he has got a lot of important situations during his business.

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    To conclude, I would like to stress that in spite of all valid considerations of people who think that only people, earning a lot of money, are prosperous, it still seems to me that ordinary people can be successful too.