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Since the great majority of our clients are personal injury law firms, we wanted to find out what percentage of people would sue after a car accident. This means that there are people out there that may need to be convinced that filing a lawsuit is the best course of action. If you are a personal injury lawyer, it may be smart to have content on your website that specifically addresses this topic.

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Question 2: If you were trying to find a lawyer online, which of the following would you use as your primary source for researching which lawyer to choose? Yelp is clearly not simply an app that people use for choosing where to eat, as the data shows. Make sure you are paying attention to your Yelp reviews more on this later. Question 3:What device s would you primarily use for researching what law firm to hire?

Are you giving your site visitors a great experience on desktop and mobile? Often on mobile, chat popups interfere with the overall experience.

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For example, have you been on a site where chat popups block phone numbers, contact info or the navigation links on mobile? Additionally, all these things listed above can have a negative impact on your site rankings. A perfect example of this is load time. Last year, Google announced that the time it takes your site to load on mobile now a ranking factor.

If you are already spending marketing dollars on bringing people to your site, you better be paying attention to user experience of your site visitors so you can maximize the number of leads you get from your site. Question 4: How many law firms do you think you would need to talk to before deciding on which one to hire?

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Clearly, people will be comparing your firm to other competitors. Our previous studies have shown that the design of your website plays a big part in the way consumers view your firm. If a consumer sees one lawyer in a Honda Accord and another is a shiny, new 7 Series BMW, which one do you think gives off the appearance of being more successful? Same concept applies to your website.

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Sites that are more visually impressive give site visitors the impression that your law firm is a successful one. Aside from having a website that is better than your competition, you should also take a look at your intake process.

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How fast do you get back to people that submit a case evaluation request? How friendly are your people answering the phones?

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These things matter when you are being compared to other law firms. Question 5: What age would you prefer the lawyer you hire to be?

On the other end of that spectrum, only a small percentage want a lawyer over the age of The big takeaway here to me? Include other staff in your imagery so you show some variation of age of the people on your team. Question 6: How do personal injury lawyers charge for their services? The biggest takeaway here? Make sure that your site visitors can clearly see this listed on your site. Make sure that people easily see that there is no fee for your services unless you recover money on their behalf.

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It sounds pretty simple, but way too many law firm website ignore this. Question 7: How long would you spend researching online before first contacting a lawyer? This is a great endorsement for running retargeting ads since most visitors will leave your website without contacting you.

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It also means that you should make sure your website gives those users a great user experience. You can also be sure that this means that consumers are looking for reviews of your law firm online, as our next question shows.

We know, from the experience of trying to push our clients to put more effort into their online reviews. Consumers will be doing research on your firm. Question 9: What review sites matter to you? Study participants were how to make money for a lawyer on the Internet what review sites would matter to them in their decision to hire a law firm. They were allowed to pick more than just one and were given the option of choosing Yelp, Avvo, Facebook and Google.

Out of 1, participants, said that Google reviews matter to them.

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Inreviews matter to consumers more than ever before. No matter how impressive your past results are, no matter how impressive the testimonials are on your own site, consumers still need 3rd party validation that your firm gives your past clients a great experience.

This starts with providing an incredible experience so your clients want to give you a glowing review. And of course make sure you are asking your clients to review you on Google.

Additional study questions and click study data We have additional questions that we can share with you, as well as a new heatmap click study that can help you decide if you should be spending on paid or organic SEO in If you would like to see this data from our study, please feel free to request it using the form below so we can share it with you. Request Study Information.