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Although not his main field of work, crypto and its potential to reshape society quickly caught his attention in early Therefore, he is looking forward to foster the Ethos Ambassador program to reach out to a worldwide community.

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Christoph has a passion for learning and teaching, both in education and in arts, combining intellect with beauty. He teaches choral and orchestral conducting at the Hannover School of Music, Germany, and frequently performs with his ensembles. He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees from the Hamburg and Yale Schools of Music.

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As an active member of the community, he quickly assumed a role as a core moderator where he helped to manage and educate our global community. In addition to moderating, Michael has been a member of the Product Council, providing valuable feedback that has helped shape our product and services.

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Michael uses his organizational what are miners and expertise in networking and marketing in a pro-active manner and is constantly pitching ideas to the team. He founded our Dutch community and was the first community member to organize an Ethos event.

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This all together led him to be our first official ambassador. While only 20, Shingo is a globally recognized expert and thought leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

  • Bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems; these problems are so complex that they cannot be solved by hand and are complicated enough to tax even incredibly powerful computers.
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  • What Are Miners? How Does Cryptocurrency Mining Work?

Previously, Shingo was the co-founder of Jobs University, an online school with over 20, students, and a content marketing expert for Motzie, a mobile recruiting software company.

Shingo studies computer science at Brown University.

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Adam has dedicated his career to creating technology that transforms how we work and play. His love for technology developed quickly as a curious child in the early days of the Internet, and his passion to create has never slowed since.

He has held leadership roles at tech what are miners of all sizes, from startup, to scale-up, to Fortune InAdam co-founded Universe.

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Prior to that, he was instrumental in the early launch of Unata, a grocery shopping experience of the future acq: Instacart.

Today, he is actively involved in the Canadian startup scene as both a mentor at Techstars and investor at Real Ventures.

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Tim is a seasoned product and technology leader with decades of experience leading engineering teams and developing innovative and complex products and trend lines and its types. Tim holds 6 patents in distributed systems and information security.

In addition, Vishal was responsible for the development and management of a range of BlackRock model portfolios ETF based portfolio solutionsincluding outcome-oriented and total return asset allocation strategies.

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These model portfolios were followed by over 15, financial advisors in the US. He developed investment signals by applying machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of natural language text. X Adam Lavine Business Operations Adam has deep experience in multi-channel mobile branding, demand generation, content and advertising.

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Adam has built dozens of mobile products for Fortune U.