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Not recommended for the novice trader. Even if you do not trade with my setups, you can still apply it to your trading as long you trade the Weekly Ranges.

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If this sequence did not appear, then it usually meant that the trend had ended for the Daily Chart. Unfortunately the gains were not enough because The trends were affected by volatility from fundamental announcements Trades were missed and profits were smaller when the 30 Minute Signal was too large Focusing on the daily movements made me miss important things on the larger charts that were making me lose The chosen currency sometimes moved very little for the day The pressure to recover from losses or missed opportunities affected my decisions.

The trader must have the proper technical or fundamental tools for market forecasting, along with the right mental perspective when interacting in the financial markets. Both are important in achieving consistent trading results. In this lesson, we will discuss what high probability trading entails and how we can gain an edge from our market analysis. Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this lesson…. When traders speak about high probability trading techniques, they are referring to specific techniques and strategies that can be employed to achieve a solid edge in the market.

Also, the gains from entering with a smaller stop loss were larger but not large enough to cover the losses from re-entering several times for a single trade at different price points. This involved aggressively maximizing on each daily range movement that started with a Consolidation by adding lots to each signal in the direction of the trend. Unfortunately the net gains after losses were not large enough and the stress from constantly monitoring the chart in expectation of new entries was unbearable.

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Eventually my balances declined steadily with these strategies, emptying many trading accounts in the process. Not only were they inadequate financially, but they could not compensate for the emotional toll of trading in this highly-stressed financial market on a daily basis.


While most currencies have daily ranges of 80 to pips, weekly ranges are on average between and pips. Among the benefits of this approach were that, The 4H entries appeared at predictable times Less time was spent monitoring the market on the smaller charts The trading signals probability that started the weekly ranges were best seen on the 4H trading signals probability You could focus on the bigger trends and patterns This appeared to be the best way of trading the larger ranges and capturing greater profits relative to day trading.

It even led to two months of top ten finishes in February and March this year. Nevertheless, this strategy only provided at most pips per month because The gains from each trade were not enough relative to the much larger stop losses of 4H Charts Losses were frequent since I was essentially anticipating the more reliable signal of the Daily Chart After trading signals probability once again with various weekly range setups, I came across the combination that provided larger profits more consistently.

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What I have noticed is that whenever the setup and signals on the Daily Chart point to a faster than normal breakout, the trade has a greater chance of getting to its target. The ranges are also usually larger than average and the entries on the smaller charts are more reliable and less volatile. Therefore, I believe that a trade should provide a wide gap between losses and gains to justify the effort involved.

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Using the smaller charts helps in reducing your stops and increasing your gains. By going after a larger profit per trade, you are compensating for the various risk factors associated with trading in what is really an artificial work environment.

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The important thing is to find the highest probability trades and to build up to a comfort level in order to make these trades. I have traded the 1st of 4 on my real account, waiting patiently for the next 3.

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