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Caraivan Luiza Full Text Available Flow is a construct imported in marketing research from social sciences in order to examine consumer behavior in the online medium. The construct describes a state of deep involvement in a challenging activity, most frequently characterized by high levels of enjoyment, control and concentration. Researchers found that the degree to which online experience is challenging can be defined, measured, and related well to important marketing variables.

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As shown by our extensive literature review, flow measurements include antecedents, dimensions and consequences of flow. The instrument is conceived to offer a primal possibility to collect data. The composition, source and significance of the 11 scales used to measure the multiple factors of the flow experience during online search are detailed in this study with the alina ananyeva options trading to ensure the compliance with scientific rigors and to facilitate correct reports of data related to the reliability and validity of measurements.

For further research, we propose factor analysis to test the resulted instrument and to ensure that the measures employed are psychometrically sound.

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Factor analysis refers to a wide range of statistic techniques used to represent a set of variables in concordance with a reduced number of hypothetical variables called factors. Factorial analysis is used to solve two types of problems: reducing the number of variables to increase data processing speed and identifying hidden patterns in the existent data relations.

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Consumers search extensively, engaging in 14 searches on average prior to purchase. Individual level search.

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