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  • CEOs for CODE Statement | Greater Omaha Chamber

On June 3,the Greater Omaha Chamber hosted nearly CEOs, founders and leaders of the Omaha business community with the purpose of identifying collective action for diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and communities. We discussed recent events including the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police, the disproportionate impact of COVID among our Latinx population, the impact of redlining on housing, disparities related to unemployment and the long legacy of social inequality in our region.

What we heard was powerful and moving.

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We recognize the shared root of gene director Vesta Trading of these disparities is racism. A statement was generated from that discussion.

Corporación Inmobiliaria Vesta Reports First Quarter 2020 Earnings Results

That statement is below. Join the Coalition Ready to pledge to increase diversity in your organization and to create an inclusive work environment for your employees?

To join the Employer Coalition, simply fill out our request form and someone from the CODE team will contact you to get started. We will. Together we commit to investing in substantive change in our organizations and communities to address racial inequities and social justice.

We believe everyone in Omaha has the right to earn a living with equal access, opportunity and share of our regional economic prosperity.

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We will educate ourselves and disseminate the history of systemic racism in Omaha and the barriers it continues to present today. We will create opportunities to listen to those affected and marginalized by these barriers to learn how we can help.

We will support, lift up, collaborate with and fund nonprofit agencies who work tirelessly in marginalized communities.

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We will use our influence and position to amplify unheard voices and endorse policies that lead to racial justice. We will improve the employment, training, advancement, support and success of people of color in our workforces. We will continue the conversation by engaging in ongoing CEOs for CODE meetings to collectively address the issues of racism, oppression and bias in our organizations and communities.

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Change is possible and we are capable, but it is going to take all of us. The following organizations are showing up to do our part. We listen. We care.

gene director Vesta Trading

We do better. David G.

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