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O Dwyer, L. The refractory and fluid nature of komatiite and other ultramafic liquids relevant to the Earth's deep interior, presents unique challenges for this approach.

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To reach superliquidus temperatures we use a double reservoir configuration, where marker spheres are placed at the top of both a main melt reservoir and an overlying reservoir containing a more refractory composition. Under isothermal conditions, viscosity increases with pressure, consistent with the depolymerized nature of the komatiite. At K, viscosity increases from 1.

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At high pressures, the viscosities of Gorgona Island komatiite melt are an order of magnitude higher than those measured by Liebske et al. The positive pressure dependence is consistent with the reduction in interatomic space diminishing the free volume of the liquid as it is compressed.

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Experiments at higher pressures are underway to determine if a similar viscosity maximum occurs for komatiite melt and whether its pressure is greater than 10 GPa, as suggested by the data for peridotite and diopside melts.