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With fire and sword how to make a lot of money. Whats the best way to make money? :: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword General Discussions

Easy Money (+ Thalers in a few hours) - Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

Jackboots Melee Weapons 1h, Good broadsword. This is different from a broadsword. Has the longest reach of any 1h by miles at I'll take more speed and reach over 4 or 5 damage any day though.

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Firearms Miquelet Musket. Miquelet Carbine. CAN be used mounted. But a faster reload. Good Pistol. You can order double-barreled weapons from weapon-masters for a bunch of money. Not a huge priority though and definitely a luxury item. Shield Steel Shield.

Now that you know how to pimp out your character, you still need an army.

With Fire and Sword Primer : mountandblade

This is another area where it strongly differs from Warband. But is better IMO. You CAN recruit from villages but the troops you get doing that suck. The primary place to acquire troops are from the 5 mercenary camps located around the map.

One for each faction. At the camps you can hire mercs from that faction. These troops don't level up like warband troops by following a tree. They just go from recruit, to veteran, to elite.

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Additionally, and this is the cool part, you can customize them by purchasing better equipment for them. All it takes to get some of the best troops in the game is money.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Money Guide - November

The exact skills of the troops and what equipment you can buy for them depends on the faction. I like the swedish mercs because you can buy half-armor for them. I have heavy cavalry but I've also given them muskets. NOT carbines.

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But during sieges they have muskets to use. Also be on the lookout for the following captured troops that you can rescue as these are some of the best units in the game. Swedish Reiter. Winged Hussar.

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Reiter, or their leveled version Black Reiter. Similar to Swedish Reiter. Think sarranid mamlukes. Heavily armored with a 2h sword they are great infantry units for sieges Netyag.

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Decently armored cossack troops. They carry several different weapons so are good for field battles or sieges.

Welcome to Reddit,

Once you join a faction, you can hire high-level troops such as the ones I described above at towns and fortresses. Go to the town center menu and speak to the commander.

I ahve over hrs in warband.

After you pay him for the troops it takes a few days for them to be ready. If you talk to e commander and he says troops are ready, choose the "I'd like to recruit some men" option to add them to your party.

Indicators for atr binary options important thing to note is that recruiting troops this way allows you to have more men than your listed limit.

Speaking of sieges there are many more cool options you can do for sieges. The AI will mostly just use ladders but depending on your party's engineering skill Get Yelisei the companion you can do a lot more. Poison the water Towns only not fortresses. Save first. Sneak into the town. You can't take your whole army but you start right outside the towns entrance.

No need to approach at a distance with bullets raining down on you or climb up freaking ladders. Blow a hole in the wall using explosives. Only takes 15 hours to set up with 4 engineering.

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

Use this most often. Some final random things that are good to know One of the overlooked factors of no tournaments is that the only real way to get renown is to join a faction with fire and sword how to make a lot of money a merc or a vassal and fight enemy lords.

If you try to stay neutral and grind renown on rebels etc you'll have a bad time, getting renown 1 or 2 at a time instead of for fighting enemy lords.

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You can't start your own faction without mods. If you sit still in one place for too long you're asking to get shot.

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Even with the best armor in the game the second bullet will kill you. Don't charge straight at those marksmen, run at an angle to them until they've fired their first volley and are reloading. Then charge in with your heavy cav and go to town. The Russians, Poles, and Ukrainians have "story" quests you can do but I've never touched them. They do let you "win" but this is Mount and Blade, why would you want it to ever end? Hope this was helpful to you guys out there who still haven't gotten in to WFaS.

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  • Whats the best way to make money? :: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword General Discussions

Let me know if i got something wrong or if there is anything I should add. I'll add more once I get home from work. Edit 2: added info about caravans, troop recruiting and a few other things.

Keep the suggestions coming! You guys are helping out a lot!