CS:GO Knife Skins for Sale

How to quickly earn a knife in cs go


    Stabbing an enemy in the back lands an instant kill while two attacks with the Secondary rate of fire from in front will result in death.

    how to quickly earn a knife in cs go

    First and foremost, the knife can be very effective when running in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It allows for the quickest running speed in the game.

    The primary firing rate deals low damage but has a longer range and quicker attack speed 0.

    how to quickly earn a knife in cs go

    The secondary firing rate deals more damage and is typically recommended for most encounters unless you know the enemy is extremely low on health, i.

    This is the stab animation. One of the best tactics to use in regards to the knife is when you and an enemy are engaged in heavy, close quarter combat.

    how to quickly earn a knife in cs go

    This is frequently faster than trying to reload your weapon and then reengaging the enemy. In a knife fight, typically the first person to land a knife hit will be the victor. It only takes two hits from a knife to kill a full health adversary, regardless of where on the hit box you land the attack.

    The element of surprise is the biggest key to landing knife kills consistently. However, if you go in for a knife kill, but the enemy quickly spots you and begins retreating before you can reach him, just fall back and seek cover.

    how to quickly earn a knife in cs go

    The enemy has the upper hand now and you need to regroup, reload, or retreat.