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The most liquid options on forts. Securing Our Water Future with NISP

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The region, especially along the Front Range, is growing at a rapid pace. While these sources allow us to meet current demand, by we will need an additional 8, acre-feet of water for our expanding service area.

Securing Our Water Future with NISP

The Colorado Water Quality Certification is required as part of the federal permitting process through Section of the Clean Water Act, and its issuance serves as an important milestone for the project. State officials notified Northern Water leaders about the decision via a letter received January 28, That certification has been challenged and will go before the State Water Quality Commission this November.

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This permit process entails a series of public hearings where the community has an opportunity to weigh in on the project. In June, the County Planning Commission held public hearings.

Valet Parking Services have been temporarily suspended and all paid parking lots have been transitioned to credit card only in efforts to decrease person-to-person contact. Prepackaged, individually wrapped cookies will be available for passengers via the Cookie Kiosk located near security exit. The restaurant is open, but may have special precautions and procedures in place. FWA and Airport Authority employees will also be following this requirement when out and about in the terminal building. The Airport Authority Administrative Offices are closed to the public, and no one will be allowed in without a pre-existing appointment.

Public testimony began on July 8 with remote and in-person testimony. On Monday, Aug.

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Oak St. By participating in this regional water supply project, we can ensure Fort Collins-Loveland Water District is included in a collaborative long-range strategy that ensures our water is secure for the future.

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Because most of this water source is intended to supply growth in the communities we serve, it will be paid primarily with tap fees that developers pay when they build new homes and commercial buildings in our communities—not by current District customers. But none of that is possible without water.

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If we want our children to enjoy this great state as much as we do, then we need to take action today to ensure that the future has safe, secure and clean water. NISP offers a long-term solution by balancing the water supply with a number of environmental considerations.

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After more than 15 years of working with environmental advocates, this project improves base and peak flow conditions, fish passage, habitat improvements and more as part of the Fish and Wildlife Mitigation and Enhancement Plan.

Although Fort Collins-Loveland Water District has a number of robust conservation the most liquid options on forts in place to reduce usage, we still need to add water resources to our portfolio.

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Other alternatives have proven too expensive or impactful to other users, such as agriculture. Farmers faced with a scarcity of water have to fallow fields in order to supply thirsty communities.

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In fact, without NISP, 64, acres of farmland would need to be dried up to meet the 40, acre-feet the project will provide to our communities. Just take a drive by Horsetooth Reservoir on any summer weekend and you will see people out fishing, swimming and boating and enjoying the beautiful bodies of water we have available in our backyard.

NISP will add more recreational opportunities to the region, including 1, new surface acres.

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These additional improvements benefit everyone living here, not just customers. Colorado is a great place to live, and more people will continue to move here to enjoy everything our beautiful state has to offer. NISP ensures that we will have the water to meet those new demands.