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    Picking the right trading program Picking the right trading program The right trading program is very important to ensure effectiveness and is able to match investors' needs, suitability, and experience in stock market.

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    This course will focus on Digitals Servicesfrom basic trading program to advanced stock analysis program, which beginners to experienced investors can enjoy.

    Apart from trading services, this course includes Digital Secretary, program designed exclusively for DBS Vickers' client that will make your trading easier and joyful.

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    Main Contents Streaming — Real-time trading platform, professional trading training to all devices. MCycle — Stock cycle analysis to find cyclical condition of your interesting stocks.

    BrainBOX — Stock analysis tools with short-term and long-term strategies for finding best stocks, using technical and fundamental data.

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    BrainBOX Plus — Stock analysis tools that will screen technical and fundamental data at the same time within a minute. Who is this course for? Any investors who wants to get better at Digital Services.

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