Delivery, Exercise and Corporate Actions

Physical exercise of an option. ex·er·cise

Exercise and Assignment When a stock option is exercised, the call holder buys the stock, and the put holder sells stock.

When options are exercised, the OCC decides to which brokerage firm, such as TastyWorksthe exercise will be assigned, and the brokerage in turn decides which customer will get the assignment.

When we are assigned an exercise and are required to sell our shares, the shares sold are said to have been called where to make money in a few days or called away. Assignment occurs, then the shares are called out. Assignment on a short put means purchasing the stock.

Assignment is completely random, and an exercise can be assigned to and apportioned among several different call writers.

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Once assignment by OCC occurs, settlement between the buying and selling parties is automatic. Shares must be physically delivered once exercise occurs. Option exercise or assignment can be partial: one can exercise less than all the options held.

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Conversely, you may be assigned on less than all your short calls or puts. However, one cannot exercise or be assigned on part of a single option contract. If you buy a call putyou are not required to buy sell the underlying stock; you may sell the option to close or allow it to expire worthless.

Exercise (options)

If you are long calls on expiration Friday, you could find yourself purchasing shares unexpectedly, due to a late-day or after-market tick up in the stock.

Be sure your broker knows your wishes if you are long options at expiration and have not closed them.

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Writers of short calls and puts can similarly find themselves assigned an exercise due to the same mechanism. Early Exercise Because stock options are American-style, you can be assigned an exercise any time an option is in the money, although options typically are not exercised early while there is still time value remaining. The physical exercise of an option is that the exercise of an option forfeits its time value; to capture the time value it is necessary to flip sell the option.

Exercise and Physical Activity Ideas

But as expiration draws near, options that are in the money sometimes trade at parity, and this is when early exercise occurs. Options trading below parity practically beg arbitrageurs to exercise them for risk-less profit.

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This subject is covered in more detail in the chapter on Portfolio Writing. Thus if you write a call, the odds against assignment are roughlystatistically speaking.

Options Exercise

But if a call is written ITM, the odds are quite high it will be exercised, despite the overall odds. ATM and OTM options are never exercised, since it is cheaper to buy or sell the stock in the open market physical exercise of an option to exercise an option.

Option Premiums Premium The premium is the price paid or received for an option. Options are traded much like stocks, with bid and asked prices shown: Seller generally receives the bid price Buyer generally pays the asked price The market maker or specialist keeps the spread between the bid and asked prices.

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Note the 0. Actually, the only time the seller can be assured of getting the bid price, or the buyer paying only the asked price, is to enter the trade order as a market order, in which case they get the market price at the time the order is executed.

Market makers have to execute a market order at market price, up to the number of contracts for which the bid or offer is good, but are not obligated to take limit orders.

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By using a limit order, the seller might get 1. And the buyer can enter a limit order for less than 1.

Exercise Definition

Historically, the premium referred to the total amount received for selling the contract, not to the option price. As we are about to see, premium is not just premium. The premium can be all intrinsic value, all time value, or contain both.

Styles[ edit ] The option style, as specified in the contract, determines when, how, and under what circumstances, the option holder may exercise it. It is at the discretion of the owner whether and in some circumstances when to exercise it.

Option Premium: Intrinsic and Time Value Intrinsic value is the portion of the premium that is in the money. Intrinsic increases dollar-for-dollar with the stock price as it moves.

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Only ITM calls have intrinsic value. Time value is the amount upon which return is calculated in covered call writing. First, calculate the intrinsic value part of the premium. The remainder is time value. The following examples illustrate how to determine intrinsic and time value.

Example 1: ITM