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Taxes where applicable. I have made it an object of study because, as an artist as I am, I have always wondered what pushed a human being to have a vision of reality rather than another.

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During my studies, I discovered that many great artists have wondered about the same question and have spent their entire lives searching for the answer to this question: How does the psyche affect the concept of reality? Bouncing between philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience has not been easy, but I like to share what I have learned and, above all, to understand the complexity of the human brain and how this conditions our choices, simon van options preferences, our mood.

The target?

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Improve my art and my awareness of myself. I'm sure it will also interest you.

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I understand you. I know what it means for you and your son.

This book has been designed for parents who want to face this new chapter of their life prepared. It is the second volume of a series designed to take ADHD from different points of view.

For questions, more information, and rates, e-mail Delphine at info simonvanbooy. Working with him on my writing project was extraordinary. Simon's organization, encouragement and thoughtful, targeted suggestions helped me create a far stronger manuscript.

In this volume you will find: What ADHD is How it affects the life of a parent What component it has in a child's growth The book is composed of a theoretical and practical part.

In total, you will have 20 tips on how to manage ADHD both as a parent and as a child, in everyday life, at school, and at work.

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And many other chapters and topics A small gift for all my listeners. I will also provide you with the book in e-book format!

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Have a good life!