What Are the Benefits of in the Money Calls?

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A call option is in the money ITM when the underlying security's current market price is higher than the call option's strike price. The call option is in the money because the call option buyer has the right to buy the stock below its current trading price.

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When an option gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying security below the current market price, then that right has intrinsic value. The intrinsic value of a call option equals the difference between the underlying security's current market price and the strike price.

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A call option gives the buyer or holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy the underlying security at a predetermined strike price on or before the expiration date.

Moneyness explains the relationship between a financial derivative's strike price and the underlying security's price.

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Key Takeaways A call option is in the money ITM when the underlying security's current market price is higher than the call option's strike price. Being in the money gives a call option intrinsic value. Once a call option goes into the money, it is possible to exercise the option to buy a security for less than the current market price.

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As a practical matter, options are rarely exercised before expiration because doing so destroys their remaining extrinsic value. Advantages of in the Money Call Options When a call option goes into the money, the value of the option increases for many investors.

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Out-of-the-money OTM call options are highly speculative because they only have extrinsic value. That makes it possible to make money off the option regardless of current options market conditions, which can be crucial.

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Parts of the options market can be illiquid at times. Calls on thinly traded stocks and calls that are far out of the money may be difficult to sell at the prices implied by the Black Scholes model. That is why it is so beneficial for a call to go into the money.

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In fact, at-the-money ATM options are usually the most liquid and frequently traded in part because they capture the transformation of out-of-the-money options into in-the-money options. The option what is go exception is very deep in the money options, where the extrinsic value makes up a tiny fraction of total value. Exercising call options becomes more practical as expiration approaches and time decay increases dramatically.

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A Game for Professionals On the whole, the game of options going into the money and being exercised is best left to professionals. Someone must eventually exercise all options, yet it usually doesn't make sense to do so until near the expiration day. That means frantic trading on triple witching days when many options and futures contracts option what is go.


Small investors should usually plan on selling their options long before expiration rather than exercising them. Most individual investors lack the knowledge, self-discipline, and even the money to actually exercise call options. Of these, the lack of money is the most serious problem.

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That sounds good, but there is a potential hitch. That is not enough to exercise the call option, so a trip to the market makers is necessary. Compare Accounts.