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When trading with UAE, foreign exporters need to consider the deep cultural and religious basis of life there. Trade successfully with UAE is designed to help exporters expand into this vibrant market The pearl of the Middle East The United Arab Emirates, more than any other country in the Middle East, conjures up images of desert oases ruled by patriarchal Sheiks.

This rich trading nation holds a host of opportunities for foreign exporters.


Foreign exporters nevertheless need to tread carefully when venturing into this intriguing market, not least because of the deep cultural and religious basis of every aspect of life there. The business environment is vibrant and open. The following ten principles are designed to help your sales to customers in the UAE be successful. Choose the right route into the market There are essentially three ways to get into the UAE market: trading in the uae exporting, via an agent or agents in the Emirates or by establishing a physical presence in the market.

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Agents may be able to register their agreements with the Ministry of Economy in certain circumstances and that places added obligations on principals. Most foreign principals appointing local agents take steps to avoid the application of this law. Establishing a physical presence in the UAE can take several forms: usually by setting up one or more branch offices, or a limited liability company.

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A branch of a foreign company must have a sponsor - called a national agent - who must be a UAE national or a company wholly owned by UAE nationals.

The UAE has also established various free zones, trading in the uae of which applies its own company laws.

International Trade in the U.A.E.

Foreign companies are permitted to establish branches or set up subsidiaries in a free zone without the need for local ownership or sponsorship. The UAE economy has gained momentum sinceand this has given a boost to many construction projects, its appetite for foreign goods and its tourism industry.

The main imports are consumer goods, machinery and transportation equipment, chemicals and food.

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But the UAE is also committed to high quality education and health care, and is investing heavily in its infrastructure and information and communication technology ICTcreating opportunities for many areas of foreign expertise and partnership.

Emirati companies tend to be extremely hierarchical, so bear this in mind at meetings price level on binary options video greet the most senior person first.

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Always use the right hand to shake hands, to eat or to distribute documents. Arab coffee and pastries are a traditional accompaniment to meetings, and it would be rude not to accept.

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  • Historical background[ edit ] Prior to independence from the UK and unification ineach emirate was responsible for its own economy.
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Chambers of Commerce for each of the Emirates can be helpful in this respect, as can an Emirati agent. Indeed, having an agent or other Emirati business acquaintance will be helpful in make the introductions to your potential customers or business partners. Take care when advertising Advertisements must use standard Arabic or the local Emirati dialect.

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This is in many ways connected to the previous principle. Advertising standards in the UAE place great emphasis on the need for respect for religious and political institutions, and for the cultural and social values prevalent in the UAE. For example, they prohibit any advertising of alcohol and tobacco, or the use of content that breaches public morals. Advertisements for medicines, pharmaceutical and food products all require the prior agreement of the relevant authority.

United Arab Emirates

Advertisements must use standard Arabic or the local Emirati dialect. Permits are required for most types of outdoor advertising, as well as for prize draws or promotions.

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Despite its strict advertising laws, media advertising in the UAE is a thriving business. Alcohol and tobacco attract a higher rate, while some cat egories of goods, including certain agricultural products, printed material and pharmaceuticals are exempt.

Goods imported for industrial or manufacturing purposes may also be granted exemptions.