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Internet earnings on chicken

Use these tips to get your egg business up and running. More of these consumers exist today, and small-flock growers are reaping the rewards, thanks to growing awareness of the health benefits of pasture-raised eggs. His real customer base, however, formed from word-of-mouth advertising. As soon as my wife started telling her friends about my eggs, we were in business.

Pairing the desire to provide nutritious homegrown eggs for loved ones and neighbors with the practical matter of finding a way to pay for chicken feed and expenses makes sense.

My Chicken and Dumplings Is the Best on the Internet (No, Really)

In this instance, selling at the lowest price, a hobby farmer would need to sell 12 dozen eggs to pay for his or her feed, along with a few extra dozen to cover additional costs, such as egg cartons, bedding, water, power, supplements and supplies, which add relatively little to the overall monthly bill. The good news is that the market for homegrown eggs exists. According to the USDA, an individual consumes an average of eggs per year.

More and more egg eaters prefer the all-natural or organic varieties, too.

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While your hens continue to churn out two eggs every three days, how can you profit from their natural ability to transform crumble feed pellets broken up into smaller piecesgreens, bugs and water into healthful sustenance for humans and other four-legged critters?

Do you have buyers lined up before the chicks have feathered out? Do you live in a rural area where fresh eggs are a dime a dozen?

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Or perhaps, as Bryan Thomas of Rogers, Ark. So the following spring, we bought another two-dozen chicks, remodeled and expanded the coopgave the birds an acre to themselves and have been in the egg business ever since.

internet earnings on chicken

It was a great foundation for what we have now. You probably can lean toward the higher end for your nutrient-dense eggs, depending on where you live and what the market dictates. Feed will likely be your greatest expense, but also budget in one-time or unexpected costs like coop remodels or fencing. Add all of those expenses together. Next, estimate how many eggs each hen will produce: A good average is eggs per year. Multiply by the number of hens you have to get your total number of eggs.

Then divide that number by 12 to get your estimated total number of dozens for the year.

internet earnings on chicken

Finally, internet earnings on chicken your total expenses and divide that by your number of estimated dozens to get the minimum price you should charge to break even. If that number is too high, you may want to cut some costs.

internet earnings on chicken

It all starts with choosing expert layer chickens. With more than chicken breeds described by the American Poultry Association, not to mention those listed by the American Bantam Association and the hundreds of other chicken breeds available in North America, choosing egg-laying hens can be daunting.

Sometimes, raising whatever breed is available is a smart way to start. Suzie Gaston, a hobby farmer who lives just outside Memphis, Tenn.

internet earnings on chicken

Gaston says her success with the chickens led to her new money-making hobby. For layers, though, if you want quantity, go with a Leghorn ; if you want pretty eggs, go with an Ameraucana ; if you want some dual-purpose laying and meat birds, try the Rhode Island Reds or Barred Plymouth Rocks.

As Gaston mentioned, Leghorns, like other Mediterranean chickens, are among the top producers of white eggs, producing per year on average. Gaston says that she does take into account the number of eggs each hen lays but that the end product is most important for her, when considering her income versus the cost ratio.

These ingredients help to produce nutrient-dense eggs with strong shells, dark yolks and great taste. Brown also feeds his chickens his garden leftovers, like the bushels of leftover zucchini he has every year. According to the APA, chickens require at least 14 hours of sunlight to lay—and, when the hours of daylight fall below that magic number in the winter months, internet earnings on chicken inventory may reduce to near-zero until the spring.

Want to know how to make chicken and dumplings? In the fall ofI wrote a Chicken and Dumplings recipe. Like meatloaf, Chicken and Dumplings is one of those dishes that is either on regular rotation in your childhood home or not. In my house, it was not. Not that any of us had anything against chicken, dumplings, or chicken and dumplings, it just never got on the list.

A full-spectrum bulb can help keep production numbers strong year-round. Shutterstock Delivering the Eggs Your egg-business plan is in place, and your hens are busy doing what they do best; so the next thing to consider is packaging, promotion and distribution.

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Do you plan to advertise or promote your eggs to the public? If you decide to offer delivery services, how far will your radius extend? Proper chicken husbandry, which includes keeping the nest boxes fresh and clean, results in eggs that require little washing, Gaston says. That cuts down on your production and packaging time; the eggs last longer, too.

internet earnings on chicken

As Brown mentioned, some areas may have laws regarding the use of reused cartons, or you may wish to stamp your name and phone number on the package internet earnings on chicken customers know who to call when they run out of eggs. Farm-supply stores and online outlets sell unmarked cartons at reasonable prices. For Brown, plain cartons with his contact information scribed on the lid promote repeat business.

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Distributing your eggs will depend on your market. In lean times, you may need to consider doing a sales push and advertising in your local penny-saver newspaper or try putting up a sign in your yard. When business is booming, you may need to stop accepting new customers for the time or consider raising your prices. Then customers will come running to you.

internet earnings on chicken

She writes about pets, farming and healthy living from her acre hobby farm in southwestern Oregon, which she shares with her husband, three rescued dogs—a retired racing Greyhound named Song, a hound mix named Pete, and a Chihuahua mix named ChiChi—a feline mouse hunter called Cleo, and a barnyard of farm critters.

Check with your local laws to determine if you can sell your eggs on a larger scale than friends and family. With a small initial investment in packaging, you can be well on your way to establishing a local egg business.