How Social Media Redefines Sphere of Influence in Real Estate

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The internet has become the main medium for communication and entertainment around the world. Some social network household names include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. In simple terms, it is a website where you can post events, daily activities, like and share pictures.

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You're just wasting your precious time the sphere of making money on the Internet not getting anything out of it. But who becoming rich? Are we getting a piece of the pie?

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The answer is a big NO. Companies are fattening the pockets, leveraging our data as a bargaining chip and selling it off to the highest bidder to fund their operations.

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If we think about it, our online activity and social media presence helped create billion dollar industries. How about security?

The users of these social media sites need security against hacking and any cyber attacks.

Sphere's concept revolves around privacy, company transparency, and data security which should be the formula for every social network platform. It will work as a currency inside the Sphere ecosystem. The network has it's own an incentive program for users.

SAT tokens were created to make all process secure and transparent. This will develop a greater sense of trust within the system.

Transparency, Better Privacy and Data Protection. Sphere uses the blockchain technology which is a more transparent, honest, and open blockchain format that allows every user to hold Sphere accountable for data.

SPHERE is more of -a decentralized social media platform that can store multimedia and other data on a secured blockchain rather than using traditional servers which are slower and prone to hacking and cyber attacks.

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Existing Product. Sphere has a product already out in the app market like playstore and app store. This will be a smooth and easy transition for users and the developers.

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Targets consumers with Ad Campaigns. This is for the companies to help them with their marketing strategies. Even though we are at the forefront of all technological advancements, old and traditional marketing strategies are still being used. In general, it is just a waste of funds.

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Companies benefit because this ensures that their marketing campaigns reach their desired audience effectively, cutting down on marketing costs of market strategies. Sphere will create a fully functional advertising dashboard which will allow users to create ad pieces that will be displayed in the Sphere news feed. They also offer adspace which can be paid using SAT. Marketplace Set-up. The Sphere social platform contains important e-commerce features.

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The marketplace will allow users to create products which followers and friends can see and purchase using their SAT. You can process your sales transactions within the Sphere network. To make it simple, its just a click of the purchase botton and will be paid by SAT.

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So any technical problems that will occur can easily be isolated and fixed. I would definitely invest in this platform because it's not just the big companies who will try to use the platform which will benefit but also the consumers which will be able to monetize and earn from using SPHERE.