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What are the options for forts

what are the options for forts

Better yet share you favorite summer family activities by using SummerFamilyActivities. Or play along and add your ideas in the comments here on Tipsaholic.

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Summer break is the perfect time to break out your fort building skills! You can go the treehouse route, use free plans for a wooden playhouse, string up some blankets or bust out the cardboard boxes! There are a ton of options for forts, depending on how permanent or portable you want it to be, how big or small, inside or outdoors, and available materials.

Here are 25 DIY forts you and your what are the options for forts will love to build. No need for a tree for this small outdoor fort! In just about 3 hours you can be finished with this easy wood build.

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It uses fencing sections as the walls and includes a hinged door with peephole, flagpole and flag and built-in seating.

The framework and floor of this fort are wooden and come together in a snap with the right tools.

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It includes everything you need to create your own fort — in a variety of ways — PVC pipes cut to different lengths and connectors, clamps and drop cloths. You can use the kit inside or outside and create whatever your imagination can dream up!

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This is a great one for the kids to use alone! Use some left over decking wood to create a cute little tree fort. This fort has two tiers with multiple entrances of ladders and climbing ropes to make for interesting imaginative play.

Just use structures already in your backyard as the main framework — fences, decks, railings, swing sets, etc. Stretch and tie ropes and lay your blankets over them. Want a fort feeling without being cramped? Use the whole room and create the tent-like feeling by hanging and draping sheets all along the walls and maybe even overhead.

This is ideal for a porch or sunroom area!

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But what if you want to take that fort outside and the weather is a bit iffy? Use this tutorial for creating a water-proof cardboard fort! The kids can definitely help create this one with boxes and duct tape. All you need is a high enough spot to hang it from.

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Plus, you can fold it all up, making it highly portable. You just need some bamboo sticks, sheets, rope and clamps! This two-story tree fort will likely blow your mind.

Check out all the little details — like what are the options for forts upper railing that mimics tree branches and the rope and pulley for the bucket. Made out of wood, this playhouse styled fort is basically a platform resting on a stump.

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It has adorable details, like an open staircase, real wood shutters and a large curtained doorway that can be closed for privacy. All you need is a super large sheet, packing tape and a fan!

The kids will love it.

what are the options for forts

You can use this idea indoors or outdoors, all you need are shades, permanent markers and a table tall enough! This is a great play tent for a little person, and can be moved inside or out on whim.

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In a stroke of genius, this blogger used the wooden frames and heavyweight fabric from Ikeaalong with some ribbon and velcro, to create an eye-catching fort area for her little girl. The wooden frames are usually used upright as room dividers. The pops of neon are so fun. This little fort combines hideaway fun, shady practicality and sandbox play all in one!

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For a treeless backyard, a little teepee like this one creates a fun cover that kids will love. But this teepee steps it up a notch with a sandbox inside — making imaginative play a must. Make a super easy fort from PVC pipe and fabric. Create a fort from found materials around the yard! This stick fort is amazing.

what are the options for forts

Around the fort this family planted runner beans, so there will be lots of shady vines that grow up the sides. This pieced together fort was built in a garden over many years. They began with some stumps and partially dead trees and built a low platform. They added a gate and lower play area, and over time created the walls, the top frame and finally a roof! Did you know you can create a living site earnings on bitcoins Willow is an ideal material because it is pliable and will grow from shoots stuck in the dirt!

Winter fort-building is so much fun, with definite perks.

This living willow fort is formed by weaving stripped willow branches around a domed PVC pipe frame. They then planted some willow branches all around the fort, which have since grown up and over the fort, clinging to the willow dome.

All you need to make the kit is some dowels, connectors, styrofoam balls and some non-stick clay. By sticking the dowels in the balls at different angles, you can form 3-dimensional geometrical shapes, or fun forts! It was made by two little girls with killer imaginations and a crazy amount of boxes.