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Overview Why a call centre? The City offers a single point of telephonic contact for all citizens in Johannesburg in order to streamline its service to you. The contact centre handles all queries, suggestions, comments and complaints. A reference number will be given to you which enables you to follow up on progress on this service ticket to finality.


By phoning Joburg Connect you can; Check your account balance. Please note there is a self-service option that will give you your current statement balance should you not wish to hold for an agent. Request a current statement be sent via e-mail.

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Confirm your contact details. Please note only a postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses can be changed by an agent.

Phone in meter readings. Enquire about payment related queries. Enquire about deposit information.

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Please remember to have your account number available. Option 2 — City Power. Please note that this option city only deals with technical queries.

It is a certified ISV on more than a dozen leading futures and options exchanges.

Option 3 — Joburg Water. Please note that this option does not deal with billing related enquiries.

G. Contributing to the SF City Option

Option 5 — Roads queries. Option 6 option city Metrobus and Rea Vaya queries. The call centre is the main delivery channel for customer service.

The City of Johannesburg believes that establishing a call centre was a reflection of its commitment to and care of its staff and customers. It also showed that it was ready to provide the service that customers expected. The City of Johannesburg had functions similar those done okved for binary options a call centre, but they were fragmented and disjointed.

The single call centre aimed to centralise and formalise those functions into a sophisticated call option city that strived for service performance and organisational efficiency.

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The advantages of a call centre include: One number serves all and improves service delivery. Customer queries and complaints are properly and promptly addressed, and action is taken to solve queries and eliminate public complaints. A more functional call-handling process has been put into place, with target response times. It ensures that standards are set for key activities related to the call centre that can then be measured. Plans have been put in place to achieve and maintain option city.

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An efficient process has been developed to manage call centre internal relationships with other business areas and to identify, review and resolve issues as they arise.

It enables forecasting and business planning to manage the effect of activity on the operations.

How is the call centre structured? You can also fax your query to or e-mail joburgconnect joburg. A single contact number is used to assist the public with queries relating to municipal services.

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Why call this number? What happens when you call this number? A call agent answers the call.

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The caller is asked to give his or her name, account number if required and telephone number. The call agent logs details of the inquiry or complaint.

Pay As You Go

The call agent issues a reference number. The call agent sends logged details to the relevant service provider for resolution. What if the call agent cannot help you? The caller gets a reference number, which he or she uses when calling Joburg Connect back to find out the progress being made on the specific complaint.