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Why does this issue need to be addressed by every country in the world? For more on the GSW program and presenters, go to www. CEOs by Equilar showed how few women made it to the list and how much lower their salaries are compared to male top earners.

Economists and multinational organisations, such as the International Monetary Fund, have long said such painful shock-therapy economics are necessary if Nigeria is to haul itself into the middle-income bracket. But the overnight doubling of prices at the petrol pump unleashed years of festering anger and the ensuing eight days of strikes brought much of the country to a halt. The protests coincided with a fresh campaign of attacks by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram in the north of the country, and after a week in which the country appeared to be teetering on the brink of disaster, the government was forced to back down, agreeing once again to use its vast oil wealth to cap prices.

Among the top 50 earners, only four women CEOs made it to this Equilar listing. A Bloomberg study showed that the highest paid U. In other words, the gender pay gap scales up as well as down career ladders.

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But women are also not applying for the capital because they worry about not having the collateral or the rates are prohibitive. Access to capital is an ongoing issue for women-owned business, but the Internet has provided a gateway that skips traditional banks.

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At the Global Summit of Women on June th, crowdfunding — an Internet-based avenue for raising capital through small contributions — will be explored. Once aimed primarily at raising funding for artistic projects, crowdfunding has now spilled over to enterprises of all sizes — from start-ups in developed and developing economies to more mature businesses.

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For more information on the GSW, go to www. The other two major Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan still have all-male boards.

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