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I rode the cryptocurrency wave during what I like to call The Golden Age.

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In a localbitcoins pending marked by substantial price upswings and lots of FOMO, cryptocurrency read: Bitcoin announced itself to the world as the future of money. I came across Bitcoin in the early part of During localbitcoins pending period, I worked on several freelance projects, and I needed a seamless way to receive payment from clients anywhere in the world.

I read localbitcoins pending Bitcoin whitepaper ; the whole project was exciting with a unique view of the concept of digital currency. Of course, being a total newbie, I set out on an adventure — to learn what I can about cryptocurrency and how blockchain tech works.

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Thanks to the wealth of information on the internet, I was able to get my feet or, in this case, brain wet. Keep in mind, this was a time of big-money exchange heists, regulatory concerns and whatnot.

I remember hearing widespread rumours of an impending ban on cryptocurrencies by the Indian government.

Bittrex why is my deposit pending localbitcoins usa

LocalBitcoins was like eBay for Bitcoin trading and had been around for a while, so I jumped on board. On March 17,I had my first scam experience on LocalBitcoins while it was identified when the bank has frozen my bank account one week later.

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Later on 23rd march, all of a sudden, my credit cards stopped working, after approaching the bank, they mentioned my bank account had been frozen due to fraudulent activity.

After brainstorming I learned, two Indians were scammed by a Cameroon based localbitcoins trader. The scammer traded with the other victim a newbie, I think and told them to send me the funds. I was implicated since the victim now thought I was the seller. Apparently, this trader had scammed me and someone else by simultaneously posing as a Bitcoin buyer and seller [of something].

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I lost my Bitcoin, and the other victim suffered their cash. The scammer traded with the other victim, the lady out of localbitcoins, I think and told them to send me the funds in exchange of something.

I was implicated since the lady victim now thought I was the seller. Iced money.

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Although the reported deposit of USD 14, remained inaccessible, I never got access my bank account back but had to move on. Fast forward to December 12, I was looking to sell some Bitcoin.

Or, at least I thought. Is it possible to get 2FA code from app and submit on the website just within 1 second.?

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Of course, I reported the incident to LocalBitcoins support, and they got defensive. I reached out to the CEO, Directors, Executives as well as fraud investigation specialists through LinkedIn; I got no response — just responses on tickets, which were blaming me for failing to secure my computer from malware. I know for a fact that a code was never requested or sent. But think about this: How did the sender get my email?

How did they know I was a LocalBitcoins user? And, how on earth did the sender know the details of my account?

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Sure, my email address could have been leaked in the past — but only LocalBitcoins could have known the remaining details. These guys are as shady as it gets. Bitcoin Transactions are Immutable — So What? One of the core concepts of decentralized ledger technology is immutability — by design, not error. Matter of fact, what does that have to do with anything?

Localbitcoins pending marketplaces seldom accept responsibility for any wrongdoing but rather deflect the blame to localbitcoins pending users. People were getting scammed by shady sellers who advertised products and delivered entirely different items. So, what did they do?

Why is my bitcoin withdrawl still pending localbitcoins how do i buy bitcoin safely

Well, they upped their verification game and set up smart filters to suspicious flag activity. Red-flagged accounts would be temporarily locked, pending manual review.

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Millions of dollars have been lost to cryptocurrency scams. P2P crypto marketplaces are entry points for these incidents, so the fault is theirs, and theirs alone.

Can my transaction be canceled or reversed?

Users come onto LocalBitcoins expecting a secure, safe and seamless trading experience. Instead, they options exchange is cunning criminals, elaborate scams, and a localbitcoins pending to their online and offline safety.

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