Options Pricing: A Beginning

Options up to 96, Which options should you buy? What strike price? What expiration date?

There is always that restlessness for something more.

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Each step is precision engineered to be easily installed without special machining or even removing the engine from the bike. If you have a new bike options up to 96 are considering high performance modifications, the expense can seem pretty daunting. However, if done one step at a time, these modifications can be pretty affordable.

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Here is a series of performance upgrades that can help you go fast and will fit any budget. The idea is to install some key components that will give you more power right now.

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Later, installing additional parts to what you already have will produce even more power. That way, you can build up to a respectable level of performance without having to make a large investment all at once. Of course, you can start at any step you want to.

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If you want the big numbers right away, just go for it and get everything at once. These parts are also required components of any more serious performance package.

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They provide the best horsepower per dollar you can get, and lay the groundwork for further upgrades. Several types of cams are available, and it is important to decide what cams are best suited to your immediate needs and what cams will be needed to achieve your long-term goals.

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If you can choose cams that will work for both, you will save money. Dealer installation of cams is recommended, and EFI tuning is generally required.

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We came up with a design that allowsinstallation and removal by just opening the pushrod covers. There is no need to remove the gas tank or the rocker covers anymore.

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No machining or flywheel rebalancing required. Cams, exhaust, and intake components from steps 1 and 2 will work great with the " Big Bore Top End Kit. Dealer installation recommended.

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Feed that engine some more air!