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An attempt to circumvent the game rules or to encourage another player to violate the games rules will be treated as a violation and punished accordingly. All game rules still apply to players who wish to delete their account or are in the process of deleting their account.

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In cases of reasonable doubt, the player may be asked to write an email to Support from the registered email address of the account in order to verify that the player is the account owner. No member of Travian: Legends staff will ever ask for your password.

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This is permitted as long as none of the players involved either own or play another account on the same game world. If a player wishes to move from one account to another, the ownership of the first account must be transferred and the password changed BEFORE access is granted to the new account.

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If the player wishes to leave the current account and create a new one, the deletion of the old account must be started and the player must contact Customer Service notifying about this change. In any of those cases, the player should not access the old account after accessing the new account.

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