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At some point, Ayumi Shinozakithe class representative, began to tell ghost stories about Heavenly Host Elementary School, scaring him to no end.

Unfortunately, though some people made great progress and got close, no one was able to fully unriddle this challenge on time.

After a short while, Yui Shishidotheir teacher, told them all to go home and finish cleaning the next day, but Ayumi chose to instead perform a charm first to cheer up their classmate, Mayu Suzumotowho was transferring. Satoshi, along with all the classmates in the room, including Yui and his little sister, Yuka, who had come to deliver his umbrella, participated in the ritual.

Going back to Naomi, she searches for Seiko to apologize to her for shouting. Once she reaches the girls lavatory, she finds Seiko hanging from a noose in one of the stalls. Desperate to save her life, Naomi grabs the filthy bucket laying outside of the bathroom to elevate Seiko. Before she is able to do so, Seiko dies from lack of oxygen, leaving Naomi to tears and pain from losing her best friend.

A short time after the completion of the charm, an earthquake shook the school, causing a large hole to open in the floor, into which everyone in the room at the time fell into.

The only other person who arrived with him was Yuka, satoshi how to get a good ending the other seven nowhere to be seen. At some point, a ghost appeared before them, and gave them some information regarding the school and its inescapable nature.

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  • The painfully gradual mental decay of Mima Kirigoe establishes an eerie vibe that's present from start to finish, with genius transitions that make us question what's real and what isn't.
  • Alternate Ending Alternate Ending was formed when three friends realized they all shared a passion for movies.

Even knowing that the odds of finding their classmates were very low, Satoshi chose to trek through the school, and they encounter their first hostile ghost, Ryou Yoshizawa. Satoshi decides that it would be wise not to look directly at him, and go to online earnings earnings east side third floor, as both the north and south paths are blocked off.

Yuka points out that she needs to go to the restroom, and seeing as how they just arrived at the lavatories, Satoshi allows her to go.

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She tries to go as Satoshi stands outside the door, but she quickly runs out. Satoshi inspects the reason for why Yuka couldn't go, and it turns out the floor is completely gone in front of the stalls.

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  • Plot[ edit ] Manga artist Chikara Nagai is in the process of ending his current serial, Resonance, by having the heroine, investigator and telepath Satoko Miura, fight the brainwashing cult leader of the "Nameless Faith", the Masque, and having the esper Lin sacrifice himself to defeat the Masque.

As the boys restroom is boarded up, they have to search elsewhere. Back on the second floor, Satoshi uses the key he recovered in the stairwell to get into the infirmary.

While exploring the room, he hears the voice of one of his classmates, Naomi Nakashimaapologizing to her friend, Seiko Shinohara.

In the back, he finds a bed, and lets Yuka rest for a while. Yuka refuses to stay unless Satoshi remains with her, so he rests as well. Unknowingly, both him and Yuka fell asleep.

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They both wake up after a while, and decided to leave, but before they could a newspaper appeared on the floor. The newspaper tells of a gruesome murder that happened at the school prior to its demolition.

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  2. Хотя создававшийся в обстановке повышенной секретности «ТРАНСТЕКСТ» стал плодом усилий многих умов и принцип его работы не был доступен ни одному человеку в отдельности, он, в сущности, был довольно прост: множество рук делают груз легким.
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Both him and Yuka notice that the faces of the dead children were the same as those of the two ghosts they had encountered. Continuing to the hall, they hear Ayumi's voice, and rush out. In the hall, they find a large blood stain, as if someone had been dragged down the hall. Satoshi notices something on the ground, and picks it up. It turns out to be a nail pullerso they go back up to the boys' lavatory to unboard the door.

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Much like the other bathroom, this one is unusable, as all the stalls are missing. Once more, they head back down to the second floor, and hear the sound of a camera.

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A bit further down, they come across Sakutaro Morishigewho's fixated at his cell phone. He notices the two and puts his phone away, stating how glad he is to have found someone else.

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Satoshi hears the buzzing of a fly, and looks around the corner, only to find a massive blood splatter on the wall. Sakutaro tells them that it's most likely the satoshi how to get a good ending remains of a female student, as there's some breast meat mixed into the mess. Satoshi asks if he's come across anyone else, with the answer being no.

Sakutaro decides to go off on his own to search for Mayu, as that raises the odds of finding her. Before he leaves, Satoshi tells him to tell the other classmates to meet up in classroom 1-A, if he comes across them. Sakutaro responds with a positive answer and leaves the siblings.

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Both Satoshi and Yuka suspect that the sound of the camera was him taking a photo of the corpse, but he pushes the thought to the back of his mind and carries on. On the first floor, they find that the hall has extended to the east.

Puzzle Ending - Phemex

At the end is a locked door, but they find the key by smashing the glass on the cabinet in Classroom 1-A, and proceed through the hall. Beyond the door is an outdoor walkway to the second building, or annex.

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Hoping to find binary options 1 bathroom in this building, they go in. Once entering, both of them experience headaches, and Satoshi notes the thick air.

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Another is found on the second floor, but is unreachable due to the destroyed floor. Satoshi meets a strange girl in the art room. Exploring the annex further, they find a music room, and an art room.