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It gives them a space to showcase their talent.

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But recently, all the YouTubers have taken a back seat as the YouTube has implemented new guideline from February 20, New channels will need to apply. And their application will be evaluated when they hit these milestones.

Though the channels and the creators are searching for YouTube money alternatives, this decision is going to hamper the future of many channels. They are already in search of various YouTube income alternatives now.

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This was without any specific requirement for annual viewing hours. This harsh change is going to put a lot of pressure on the new creators. It is going to be harder for the small channels to reach up to the scale of monetization.

These sites where video make money standards will also help them prevent potentially inappropriate videos from monetizing which can hurt revenue for everyone.

After thoughtful consideration, we believe these are necessary compromises to protect our community. A larger level of younger option price reacts is going to get hampered because of this new rule.

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Especially, the teenagers who were able to earn some extra income by showcasing their talent, they are not happy with this situation. YouTube is a survival platform for the budding standup comedians.

The change will result in competition among creators applying for monetization.

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The rules are designed to restrict the number of those eligible for advertising on their channel. After the news came in many YouTubers expressed their disgust on this decision by posting videos on digital platforms.

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Here are 11 YouTube money alternatives that will not hamper the talent of the budding YouTubers. Brightcove This platform is an all-in-one video marketing sites where video make money for those looking to market their videos.

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It helps in reaching all the audiences where they are, including social platforms, and maximizes impact with marketing automation. Below are some of their customers of Brightcove.

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It also provides a solution to publishers and broadcasters, marketers and enterprises. It has built-in analytics to report the activity your videos generate. Live streaming is also supported. Wochit Wochit is a video creation platform empowering newsrooms, editorial teams, and social media editors to capture and expand audience attention through the power of video.

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This makes video accessible for all businesses to produce and share at scale across all social and digital platforms. With this platform, videos can be created quickly. You can use pre-negotiated, rights-cleared assets from AP, Reuters, Getty, and many more sources.

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It has a real-time media gallery that enables the user to stay in touch with the updated stuff. You can customize every graphic element, including intro and outro, fonts, colors, effects, and overlays.

TrueView is for you. TrueView ads are your opportunity to create high-quality, longer creative spots that appear adjacent to the YouTube videos your target audience is already watching. These ads come in two forms: In-Stream and Discovery.

You can choose to apply the branding in post-production automatically. This ensures that the brand is always clear and your videos are always identifiable.

One can combine various videos and snippets into one storyboard and use their own voiceover.

By Mary Hall Updated Feb 14, Making money from YouTube used to be as simple as uploading great content, garnering millions of views, and earning a share of advertising revenue. Now, content creators have access to multiple ways to monetize their content.

It makes the whole process of video creation quick and affordable. This platform also helps marketers by providing them with access to premium video inventory and the information that they need in order to decide where to show their ads.

Who’s going to watch your YouTube channel?

What this ultimately offers is a complete advertising solution for trading basics publishers. Publishers are fond of it as it enables them to manage and optimize mobile and desktop demand sources. Different business modules can be chosen to meet the specific goals. The modules comprise of combinations like ad-based, subscription-based, transaction-based and distribution.

With a searchable chapters menu, easily break down a video into multiple chapters, giving each chapter its own thumbnail and searchable title, description, and tags.