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The forecast must super strategy for options 1 that the stock price will rise so the call increases in price and 2 that the stock price rise will occur before expiration. Strategy discussion Buying a call to speculate on a predicted stock price rise involves limited risk and two decisions. The maximum risk is the cost of the call plus commissions, but the realized loss can be smaller if the call is sold prior to expiration.

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The first decision is when to buy a call, because calls decline in price when the stock price remains constant or declines. The second decision is when to sell, because unrealized gains can disappear super strategy for options the stock price reverses course and declines.

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Many investors who buy calls to speculate have a target price for the stock or for the call, and they sell the call when the target is reached or when, in their estimation, the target price will not be reached. Impact of stock price change Call prices, generally, do not change dollar-for-dollar with changes in the price of the underlying stock.

Rather, calls change in price based on their "delta.

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Impact of change in volatility Volatility is a measure of how much a stock price fluctuates in percentage terms, and volatility is a factor in option prices. As volatility rises, option prices tend to rise if other factors such as stock price and time to expiration remain constant.

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As a result, long call positions benefit from rising volatility and are hurt by decreasing volatility. This is known as time erosion.

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Long calls are hurt by passing time if other factors remain constant. Risk of early assignment The owner of a call has control over when a call is exercised, so there is no risk of early assignment.

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Potential position created at expiration If a call is exercised, then stock is purchased at the strike price of the call.

If there is no offsetting short stock position, then a long stock position is created.

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Therefore, if a speculator wants to avoid having a long stock position when a call is in the money, the call must be sold prior to expiration. Other considerations When calls are purchased to speculate, it is assumed that the investor does not want to own the underlying stock.

And she does it without betting where the markets will go. Instead, she takes a mathematical approach to trading by selling way out-of-the-money puts and way out-of-the-money calls —a super wide strangle. Example So if you imagine an index trading at for simplicity purposes. What Karen does is she bets that the index will indeed stay between 85 and However, whenever the mathematical probability increases, the amount of money you can make from that bet gets smaller and smaller.

In many cases, in fact, there is not sufficient cash in the account to pay for the stock, even in a margin account.

Therefore, it is generally necessary for speculators to watch a long call position and to sell the call if the target price is reached or if the call is in the money as expiration approaches.

Limitations on capital. Stronger or weaker directional biases.

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