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The total time from initially requesting the pharmacogenetic test to receipt of result. Realistic levels based on expert opinion M.

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Inclusion in the British National Formulary 16 was included in the DCE as a pragmatic marker of regulatory approval and clinical availability. Levels based on published clinical trial data 1.

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Levels based on clinical trial data 1. Levels based on published data 17.

RARE: More than 1 in 10 people 0. Levels based on published data on allele associations 7 and SmPC for carbamazepine A rating exercise was performed to identify the attributes of greatest importance. Subsequent interviews with neurologists discussed the presentation of the attributes and identified relevant levels.

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As this study targeted UK neurologists, cost was understood to be total cost to the National Health Service NHSrather than cost to the patient or cost vospar binary options demo account a privately requested test. Although there is no direct cost to the neurologist or patient, neurologists and physicians in general in the UK are cognisant of the costs of medical interventions and this characteristic was confirmed by the identification of the attribute as important in the interviews.

Framing of the predictive attributes of the pharmacogenetic test was discussed.

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Data from published sources 57together with discussion in individual interviews with neurologists and expert opinion led to identification of a range of plausible attribute levels. Experimental design Our qualitative findings did not reveal a common list of attributes that could be used to value both physician and patient preferences for pharmacogenetic testing services.

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We therefore conducted two separate DCEs that contained the most relevant and plausible attributes from both perspectives.

To reflect this, the DCE asked patients to choose between two hypothetical medicines, from which we inferred their preference for pharmacogenetic testing.

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The DCE was administered as part of a larger survey containing items in total and requiring an estimated 30 min for completion. Vospar binary options demo account 1 Example of binary choice DCE questions A binary design was selected for the DCE of neurologists in order to include a choice of no testing, which is aligned with current clinical practice. A fractional factorial design was selected from a design catalogue to ensure orthogonality Analysis Random effects logit regression models were used to determine the importance of the attributes and direction of effect.

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Marginal rates of substitution MRS, the rate at which respondents were willing to give up a unit change in one attribute in exchange for a unit change in another while maintaining the same level of utility were calculated using each attribute as the value attribute with bootstrapped confidence intervals calculated using replications.

To test the validity of the patient DCE we identified a potentially dominant choice in which medicine A was superior in all but one attribute higher chance of remission, lower risk of memory problems, mild rash and life-threatening ADR, but a higher frequency of seizures.

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We assumed that people who selected the alternative medicine B for this choice did not understand the task, and analyzed the DCE with and without these respondents by comparing the confidence intervals of all the coefficients in the regression to ascertain if there were statistically significant differences. Patients' utility was calculated by weighting the results of the regression against potential outcomes of treatment with carbamazepine with or without pharmacogenetic testing.

The probability of test uptake was calculated as the exponential of the utility for testing divided by the sum of the exponential of the utilities for testing and not testing. The trade-off between how can you make money on holidays benefits and harms of interest provides the point of indifference from the patient's perspective and therefore represents the threshold at which patients would choose to be tested.

Table 2 Values of regression variables used to estimate utility, probability of test uptake and maximally tolerated rate of severe ADR for patients to prefer testing.