Option designations

Option Series

Select a status for this requirement designation. Select Active when adding a new requirement designation.

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Select Inactive only if your institution no longer uses this requirement designation. Description, Short Description, and Formal Description Enter a description, short description, and formal description.

Options Licensing Course (OLC)

The formal description appears on the course catalog report, schedule of classes report, and transcript if specified. Academic Institution Select an academic institution with which to associate the requirement designation.

This affects the availability of this requirement designation on the course catalog and schedule of classes prompts. Academic Plan Select an academic plan if you want to link the requirement designation to a specific plan.

Access your campaign details Select Campaigns in your account menu Select the campaign you want to edit Select Edit Campaign to open the campaign builder Select Details in the navigation bar Select Program Designations in the left-hand menu Set a default designation When a supporter does not choose a designation, Classy records the default as their choice. Select option designations Default Designation dropdown to choose a default. Note that only active designations appear in the dropdown list. To learn how to make a designation active and add it to this list, scroll to the Create groups and add designations section below.

At enrollment, a student must be active in the specified plan to enroll in any class with the related requirement designation. The Enrollment Request 1 page includes overrides that enable you to override this general rule if you have the appropriate security permissions. On the Enrollment page, the system does not validate this.

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At Student's Option Select to indicate that the student can select the requirement designation at enrollment. You can indicate a student's choice of requirement designation on the Enrollment Request Page, the Student Enrollment 4 page, or option designations Block Enrl Detail 2 page.

If you do not select this check box, students who enroll in classes that have this requirement designation are required to take the course and attempt the additional requirement designation credit.

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Processing Enrollment Transactions Through the Block Enrollment Feature Catalog Print Select to enable the display of the formal description of the requirement designation and the course in the course catalog report.

Schedule Print Select to enable the display of the formal description of the requirement designation and the course in the schedule of classes report. Print in Transcript Select to print the requirement designation and requirement designation grade on the student's transcript.

  • Option Series Definition
  • An option series refers to a grouping of options on an underlying security with the same specified strike price and the same expiration month.
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Separate Course Grade Select to indicate that the requirement designation involves work that someone option designations grade separate from the course.

If this check box is cleared, students who earn credit for the course will, by default, earn a grade of Satisfied for the requirement designation.

Using Program Designations in a Campaign

The professor does not need to assign two grades for every student for example, a letter grade of B for the course, and a grade of Satisfied for the requirement designation. Alternatively, should the professor want to evaluate a student on each of these two areas independently, select the check box.

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This setting is optimal in the event that a student receives a passing grade for the option designations, but fails to successfully complete the requirement designation.

In this instance, the professor could assign a letter grade of B to the class, and assign a grade of Not Satisfied for the requirement designation.

How to Create a Program Designation

The class would not fulfill an advising requirement that requires both a class and a requirement designation for the class. It would fulfill only an advising requirement that requires the class alone. Display in AA Reports Select to enable the system to display the requirement designation code and description in the advisement report.