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    Old planetravel with oxygen I travel with an oxygen concentrator and when i checked in the staff member took it upon themselves to seat me and my companion in a row of 3 seats and kept the middle eat blocked so I could put my concentrator up on it during flight as its very difficult to keep it on the floor in front of my legs.

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    We didnt ask for this at all. Well usually we option real reviews boarded first as i go down to the plane in a wheelchair which they provide and push me in.

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    We walked on board and the plane was already boarded they forgot to do us first. When we got to the seat there was a lady sitting in my seat.

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    Well we asked for assistance and the head guy came and he went and made phone calls etc and finally got her into another seat a few further up but in the same position she was not upset by it at all. Well the steward comes down and starts lecturing me and telling me the staff may have said if there was a seat empty I could use it but it was her seat. Well i again showed him our boarding passes and it showed there that i was in the right seat.

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    He was really annoyed and said i will talk to you later i need to get this plane in he air now its late and passengers have connecting flights etc putting the whole thing on us. The only reason it was delayed was because he started carrying on and making phone calls etc instead of just putting the other passenger in the other seat.

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    It really upset me for most of the trip and no matter how much we tried to say we didnt ask for a spare seat it was just done for us option real reviews didnt care. I am going to write to Customer Care about his attitude to us over this.

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    Date of travel: April Seat comfort.