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Program for options

This is common for options that apply to a specific invocation of the program.

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List the options in an option file that the program reads when it starts. This is common for options that you want the program to use each time it runs.

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This method is useful for options that you want to apply each time the program runs. Options are processed in order, so if an option is specified multiple times, the last occurrence takes program for options.

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The following command causes mysql to connect to the server running on localhost: mysql -h example. If conflicting or related options are given, later options take precedence over earlier options.

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Because later options take precedence over earlier ones, the processing order means that environment variables have the lowest precedence and command-line options the highest. For the server, one exception applies: The mysqld-auto. You can take advantage of the way that MySQL programs process options by specifying default option values for a program in an option file.

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That enables you to avoid typing them each time you run the program while enabling you to override the defaults if necessary by using command-line options.