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How to make money abroad via the Internet

5 Cheapest Ways to Receive, Send, and Transfer Money Abroad

Working Abroad Magazine DJ, Dancer, Singer, Extra Ever watch a movie and see a woman singing in a smoky bar, dressed in sequins? Or a DJ at a club, one headphone over an ear, spinning records?

Some people want to travel.

That could be you. If you enjoy the nightlife, you could offer your services at clubs and bars as the entertainment. Depending on the area you choose, you could make really good money doing something you enjoy in some exotic place. Maybe Cancun? Or down under in Sydney?

71+ Ways to Travel & Make Money—A Badass List of PAID Work Abroad

You choose. Side story—I was an extra in a German film filmed in Thailand.

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Literally chilled on the beach all day waiting to be used as an extra and got paaiiiiddd. I got to chill on this beach all day waiting for them to need me for my superstar roll of being a background beach goer.

Cleaning Services Make no mistake how to make money abroad via the Internet it, there is good money in helping people clean up their space. You could hire yourself out to locals to take care of their windows, their laundry, even their toilets.

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Put up ads for your services in local spots like cafes or hostel community boards, or check out Facebook groups for your city. Resources for working abroad as a cleaner: Cleaning Jobs Timeshares Have you been to one of those meetings where you get to stay in a hotel free, eat for free, or get a full resort how to make money abroad via the Internet for free, just as long as you sit and listen? Well you, could be one of the people offering free hotel trips.

10 Methods FOR ANYONE Who Wants To Make Money Abroad

Timeshares are a huge market, and they need people to do the selling for them. If you are into sales, this could be a great job. In your down time you could explore the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine. Fisherman or Woman!

Best Ways to Send Money Online Internationally

If you enjoy the open sea and you have some experience working on boats, you can hire yourself out as a fishing boat worker in a port town. This is kind of niche, but it has all the makings of a way to make money while traveling.

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Bollywood is even more famous and spends even more money in many areas than Hollywood. You could be an extra or even a starring role eventually in a hit movie watched by millions. Head to India and check out local casting calls or auditions.

How to earn money while living abroad

Resources for working abroad as a Bollywood extra: India Times You could teach kids how to play guitar, or teach older people to do the cha cha. Check out local senior citizen homes or elementary schools. Post your services on a local board or offer your work on the local Facebook groups.

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Resources for working abroad as a music or dance teacher: Go Abroad Dog Walker Face it: dogs are the new babies. They want their dogs, fed, loved, snuggled, walked, and adored in their absence. You could do this job, with no experience, for pay. I got free rent in Portugal for doggie sitting these two babes.

22 Easy Ways To Earn Money Abroad

Not paid work abroad but def saved me some money! Computer Tech If you have mad computer skills, offer yourself up as a local computer genius. Resources for working abroad as a computer teacher: Work Abroad Transfer Just like remote work, many companies offer transfer opportunities internationally. Thanks to the global economy, there are many companies, and more each day, that are international.

17 Ways to Make Money Online From Anywhere

If you are happy at a desk job but would simply like the view from your window to change, and your cultural experience to be enriched, check your company website for international transfer opportunities. You could be out of here by the end of the end of the month. Local Writer or Photographer Perhaps you want to settle into a small town and enjoy rural life in Prague or Mexico.

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With decent writing skills or photography, you could get hired onto a local newspaper or magazine, or even do freelance work. Travel Agent Depending on the business you end up in, you could find a good position with a travel agency. You may even find a position as a travel agent in a tourist city.

You could not only live abroad, you could also travel to new places and then sell those trips to your clients. Win win! Resources for working abroad as a travel agent: Go Abroad Driver If you know the area well, or even if the area is simply covered by google maps, you could be a driver, Uber, Lyft, even just a local taxi or shuttle service from the airport to a hotel.

Get your own vehicle and you could explore the sights of a big city. Resources for working abroad as a taxi driver: Lyft Delivery Driver Another way to explore and get around a new city is to offer your vehicle to local delivery companies.

Instead, they would like to extend their time abroad and start to look for ways to earn money on the road. Here are some ways to earn money while you travel: Passing fliers This is the easiest job to attain in any areas which offer parties such as Goa, Ibiza, Thailand Islands, Bali, Manali, and more.

Amazon is getting bigger and badder and they are going to need more drivers to get their deliveries around the world, one tourist city at a time. Resources for working abroad as a delivery driver: Amazon Event Videographer There are enough events in each city to keep you busy and paid well if you enjoy using your video camera.

How to Make Money When Living Abroad

You could offer your services at local wedding planner offices or churches. Post yourself as a videographer on local boards and in local Facebook groups. This one is really local. Much of your work will come from word of mouth—make sure your word is a good one! Personal Trainer Got big muscles or long lean limbs? Know how to lift weights and which machines and weights will get you the results you want?

Sell that knowledge to locals! Especially in tourist-heavy beach towns. Offer your services at local gyms, hotels, and resorts, on local boards and Facebook groups.