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Start from scratch option

What is the Customer Experience Journey Over the past 20 years, CommonPlaces has worked on a variety of projects from web development to customer experience portals.

An introduction to the market The business model A description of your target customers The marketing channels you want to use A short outline of your main competition An introduction to your team We've developed a fully guided business canvas. Sign up for Cuttles and start filling it out today! Find a business name Now that you've taken the first steps to make your idea a real business, it's time to name the little devil. You may already have something in mind, otherwise here are a few tips for you: Make it catchy, memorable and simple Hard-to-spell names will confuse people and possibly lead them somewhere else, even when they are actively trying to find you.

Think of your website as a custom built car. The cost to fix, repair, or add something depends on the age, quality of materials, and complexity of the update.

Main article: Project The stage and sprites pane. Projects are animationsstoriesartpenand games — and just about everything else made in Scratch.

Think about how often buy a new car; every three or four years? It's the same with a new website.

Getting Started with Scratch

Benefits of Starting internet earnings write a message Scratch Our team gets very excited for new projects built from scratch. It also gives us the ability to set realistic expectations in terms of how things will work, how long it will take us to complete and start from scratch option much it will cost.

start from scratch option

Trying to modify another developer's code can often cause unforeseen issues; impacting the budget and timeline of the project. We are constantly updating and enhancing our customer's sites without rebuilding the entire thing. Some website and applications are built using best practices and quality code that last for a long time.

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If your site has a solid foundation, it can be more cost effective to update the site instead of scrapping the entire thing. Make sure to ask that your site is thoroughly reviewed to see if it can be fixed.

start from scratch option

In some cases a small simple site can be fully evaluated, but a custom application with millions of lines of code is virtually impossible to fully evaluate economically.

Questions to Consider There are some items you should take into consideration when determining whether to fix what you currently have or develop a new website from scratch.

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What version of software was it built in? How long will it be supported?

start from scratch option

If ending support soon, may be more cost effective to rebuild now. How much custom code was developed?

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The more, the more risk, while bigger cost of building new. Who built it in the first place?

How To Make START MENU For Your Scratch Game!

A professional firm using a domestic team? Offshore team? Freelance developer?

start from scratch option

Internal employee no longer working there? Has the Application been continually maintained with the latest security patches? Lapses can expose the site to hacks and backdoors that could be leveraged at a later time.

start from scratch option

Get in Touch Still not sure if you should fix your site or develop a new website from scratch? By Kendra Bassi As the Chief Operating Office I build, develop, and grow business relationships vital to the success of each customer engagement. As the project manager for development projects I maintain project schedules and budgets, and start from scratch option deadlines and launch dates are met.

start from scratch option

I love a challenge and l look forward to helping current customer and prospect bring their visions to life online.