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Russian pancakes in Manhattan: how the owner of the famous Teremok chain opened a business in the USA Now residents and guests of the city can try the most authentic Russian pancakes. The menu also has cereals, soups, salads, cheesecakes and even traditional kvass. Co-owner and founder of the pancake business - Mikhail Goncharov.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a graduate of Moscow State University was engaged in the sale of equipment, and teremok make money on the Internet he created his own business called Teremok.

Why did Teremok decide to enter the American market, how did US residents react to Russian pancakes, and how much will lunch cost in a restaurant? The director of the company Mikhail Goncharov told ForumDaily about this and many other things.

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  • Teremok Teremok offers healthy meals with all the major food groups: borch, pelmeni, blini, sour cream, and dill.

Petersburg, Krasnodar, Surgut and Tyumen. The chain can be classified as fast casual, that is, Teremka prepares food immediately after ordering, without using frozen foods.

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By CNN versionsthe chain was ranked among the top eight fast food companies in the world outside the United States. In Russia, Teremok serves over 30 million customers a year. Michael, why did you decide to open a restaurant in New York? In Europe, we considered Germany seriously. But with Germany we have a language barrier.

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With America, as a country in which new concepts of fast food and new formats are being created, such as fast-casual, everything was great. That is, we are fluent in English and the market itself is ready to accept our concept. Still, in Europe, small family restaurants with private owners are still in use, and in America, chains are actively developing, and as soon as a worthwhile concept appears, it begins to powerfully develop. Like, for example, Five Guys or Chipotle.

Teremok Russian restaurant chain closed in New York Photo by Denis Malinin Two restaurants "Teremok" in New York have stopped their work, according to the company's comments on its Instagram page. Representatives of the American "Teremka" said that both restaurants in New York are closed and the company is looking for new places, writes VC.

In Russia "Teremok" can be found in the capital and in four other cities. You could have continued to open restaurants in your homeland, but you chose America. What for?

Teremok Russian restaurant chain closed in New York

Given the current dollar rate, did the project cost you dearly? The investment amounted to about a million dollars. Our buyer knows and understands what he pays a lot of money for. Cities with small populations are simply not ready to accept our concept, this is normal.

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A little price difference and people won't pay. They say - why would I pay for pancakes or borscht, that I won't cook borscht at home?

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Or they generally think it's better to eat at McDonald's. The level of consumption is different from Moscow. Our concept so far can only be launched in large cities. The demand in the same Krasnodar, for example, is lower than we expected.

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Therefore, it makes no sense to invest in other cities. This is a clean economy, we are engaged in business.

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Here the calculation is only economic. Any order in Teremka is made in 5 minutes. Photo by Denis Malinin Not a single month passes without letters to us from different countries - from Venezuela to Japan.

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People really want to open Teremok in their country: either help, or invest, or get a franchise. A businessman who sells franchises wrote me a letter saying that he wanted to take a photo with me - with the person who teremok make money on the Internet 4 tons of dough every night.

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It was a long time ago, now we do 12 tons of dough every day. For the opening of the restaurant in New York you were preparing 3 of the year. What was done during this time? The first year is market research, study of concepts, formats. The second year is the preparation of our kitchen: first of all, I wanted us to create a product that we have in Russia - both in taste and in quality.

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We rented a small kitchenette, bought a lot of products and conjured over them. Well, just like we did in Russia - that is, 10 types of flour, 5 types of milk - and all this is mixed in different proportions, we are looking for the composition that will give the ideal product.

And the last year is a search for premises and repairs. That is, for the first six months we made the commissary kitchen - our production workshop, which best options all restaurants.

Terrific Teremok! - Teremok Marine

And for the last six months we have been working on our restaurant: they were looking for a room, signed a lease and made repairs. Did you say that you specially equipped the production hall?

Yes, there we make fresh dough every night. Before baking, it should stand for a few hours. We also bake boiled pork, add salmon and make other wonderful fillings.

Teremok Russian restaurant chain closed in New York - ForumDaily

And if strategies for buying binary options goes well, then, of course, in the future we can connect other large American cities. There is a certain genre law. With the Teremka concept, you don't have to go to highways or to small towns.

And where there is an active business life, offices - we work well. Pancakes in Teremka are baked using a special technology.

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Photo by Denis Malinin You opened a little over a month ago.