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Executives in traditional industries who spent days and weeks on the road are discovering that a well-managed Zoom meeting can be as effective as a face-to-face — and a lot easier and less expensive to organize.

Consider the assumption the diligent chancellor made when he equated research intensity with late-night lab work. More fundamentally, though, efforts to nurture individuality run up against countervailing efforts to increase organizational effectiveness by forging clear incentive systems and career paths.

Will Google abandon its Googleplex? Will corporations empty out their office buildings everywhere and shrink their physical footprints?

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Are we on the brink of a new paradigm for work? The real issue, however, is not whose predictions turn out to be right or wrong no one has a crystal ballbut whether those leaders are thinking deeply enough about what they want their new work paradigm to achieve — and whether they can architect and construct systems that will allow them to meet their objectives.

WFH is helping them muddle through the immediate crisis, but what do they want from it in the long run?

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Higher productivity? Savings on office space, travel, and cost-of-living adjusted salaries for workers in cheaper locations? Better morale and higher retention rates?

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Mark trading employee reviews other words, you have to have a conscious aspiration. These include: The technologies existing and yet to be created that you will need to make your system workable, including collaboration, creativity, and productivity tools.

The resources your physical footprint, people, and the technology interfaces you use to organize them and the policies, practices, and processes your system needs to function.

The rules, norms, and key metrics you will need to prescribe to preserve and enhance your culture and values. While you can model such a system up to a point, its design specs will inevitably need to be revised as they come into contact with reality; as such, experimentation and learning will be key — you cannot expect to have a one-time rollout.

For all of this to be developed and managed in the right way, a different innovation approach is needed. Once you have developed your vision, you need to consider all the things that would have to be true for that vision to be achievable, and then test those assumptions with initiatives you can begin today.

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The process unfolds in four distinct stages. Stage 1: What is your overall vision of your ideal work system of the future?

Sales Assistant Former Employee - Dundee - 11 October It was a decent job for quick cash, but the environment was just strange. The manager was a bit of a man child and talked to everyone like children. Shop offers and sales changed daily, meaning it was borderline impossible to remember what exactly was in the deals of the day, and the constant changing prices. You were constantly pushed to hit targets that, on the often quiet days, was borderline impossible.

You are doing two things in this stage: Articulating your grand purpose and aspiration your reason for designing the new system and envisioning the system and what it looks like.

To determine your grand objective — your reason for re-imagining your existing system — think about what you have learned from the Covid emergency that led you down this path.

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Your initial aim is simply to develop clarity about your intended future, not achieve analytic certainty. As you begin to sketch out your workforce system of the future, frame it as a purpose- and objective-driven narrative. This is your vision. Employees will be fully reimbursed for the costs of their home offices and work-related travel; salaries will reflect local costs of living.

Moving on to the system itself, ask yourself a series of questions about its resources and assets. What kinds of people will make up your system and where will they will be located?

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How will you organize your different functions and ensure that they work? What will your physical footprint look like? What remote technologies mark trading employee reviews tools will you need, and how will you combine them with mark trading employee reviews tools and technologies to ensure individual productivity and effective virtual collaborations?

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Then you need to ask similar questions about policies and processes, and norms, and metrics. Stage 2: Consider the implicit and explicit assumptions you are making.

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As Donald Rumsfeld famously put it, there are known knowns and known unknowns, and also unknown unknowns that you must take account of. Work through each of them, surfacing as many of those known and unknown unknowns as you can.

Stage 3: Test those assumptions. What do you need to learn and how can you best do it? To answer these questions, walk your vision and its key assumptions back to the present in the form of experiments.

You will need more than one if there are different circumstances or contexts in which the system would work — for example, if your company includes geographic locations with different societal norms or government regulations, or business units that are fundamentally different from one another e.

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People are different, too. WFH makes tremendous sense for some roles and personality types; less for others. If you are a multinational and want to learn if WFH can work within one of your geographies, carve out a business function or small business unit; systematically apply the WFH technologies, practices, and rules and norms that you wish to use; run it in parallel for a short time; and then carefully measure its results against those of the larger unit.

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Through this iterative process of exploring, envisioning, and testing, you will ultimately discover your best way forward. This learning will be an ongoing process, not a discrete event, unfolding over time as your assumptions are converted to knowledge. Inevitably, there will be tradeoffs that must be negotiated. While you may be able to tap more talent and save money by not requiring your new hires to move, it is also likely that your creative ecosystem will become more diffuse.

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You will likely have to grapple with the pitfalls of causal ambiguity the fact that what drives good results in one context may very well not in another. Any organization has constraints on its absorptive capacity; you must be prepared for systemic incompatibilities and rejection, which can stem from poor communication between units, the lack of a shared language, or longstanding rivalries and resentments.

Or not. Your struggles with it may point the way towards deeper changes that you have to make. As Satya Nadella suggested, trading one dogma for another is rarely your best solution; in most cases, those dogmas themselves are your biggest problem. At the end of the day, the organizations that can develop the clearest, most inspiring visions, learn the fastest, and pivot the most capably, are the ones that win.