The following graph illustrates how Delta might be plotted against stock price:

Options delta

Option Delta

Video not supported! Options Delta Futures contracts can be an effective and efficient risk management or trading tool.

For an option with a Delta of. For purchased options owned by an investor, Delta is between 0 and 1. For sold options, as the investor essentially has a negative quantity of contracts, we find that short puts have a positive Delta technically a negative Delta multiplied by a negative number of contracts ; short calls have negative Delta technically a positive Delta times a negative number of contracts. For example, the XYZ 20 call has a. As the stock price rises and the call option goes deeper-in-the-money, Delta typically approaches 1.

Their performance is basically two-dimensional, either you are up money or down depending on the entry price point and whether the market is up or down versus your position. But with options on futures there are more dimensions, or forces, acting on the price or premium of the option.

What Is Delta

There are metrics to measure each of these different impacts on the premium of an options. It is some portion of the movement of the underlying.

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Delta is a percentage measure. Assume, we have a call option priced at 1.

Here is a look at a call Delta and how it might move:

Our underlying futures product moved from 96 to This is a 1. The delta of a futures contract is 1.

Traders usually refer to the delta without the decimal point. So, a.

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Being Long a call will result in positive Delta; being short a call results in negative Delta. Conversely, being Long a put results in negative Delta; being short a options delta results in positive Delta.

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The absolute value of the Delta also tells the approximate probability that the option will finish in-the-money. A delta of 50 suggests it has a chance of finishing in-the-money. If an options delta is less than 50 it is said to be out of the-money.

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If the delta is greater than 50 the option is said to be in-the-money. If the delta is equal or close to 50 the option is said to be at-the-money. The delta is used in calculating hedge ratios to establish a neutral or delta options delta position using the underlying futures.

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To be delta neutral, we need to buy 2 underlying Futures contract. Delta is dynamic and changes with movement in the underlying. That means delta neutral ratios and other hedge ratios using options are also dynamic and change too.

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