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Are you ready? You can use any of these tricks on all websites to boost your conversion rate and generate revenue. Add Exit-Intent Popups to Convert Make money online buy traffic Visitors Are your visitors leaving your website without performing any actions, like buying a product or signing up for your email list? Then why not use an exit-intent popup.

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You can offer amazing deals and discounts coupons in your exit-intent popups to convert abandoning visitors. A great place to add these popups is on pages your users exit the most. To find your exit pages, you can use MonsterInsights.

From the report, you can see the pages your visitors leave your site. To convert these visitors and make more money, you can add an exit-intent popup. And the best tool to create an exit-popup is OptinMonster.

You can create a variety of popups by choosing different templates and using its drag and drop builder for customization. Are you having trouble converting your high traffic pages? Using scroll depth tracking, you can find out how far your visitors read your webpage before exiting or moving to another page. Once you have this information, you can place your call to actions CTA and popups until the users scroll your website.

As you can see from the screenshot, users scroll depth is What it means is that you should place your CTAs before And it also provides a great insight to trigger your exit-intent popup.

Ways to Increase Affiliate Marketing Revenue Do you have an affiliate website, but want to make more money without investing in increasing your traffic? You can start by fine-tuning your website for increasing conversions. And to do that, here are some awesome ways of boosting your revenue.

You can add affiliate links on these pages and generate more money in an instant.

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The plugin gives you information on landing pages that perform the best, right in your WordPress dashboard. For a more detailed look, you can go to Insights and then click on Reports. From the top menu, click Publishers. You can see the number of visitors trafficaverage visit duration, and bounce rate for each page.

Use this information to pick your top pages.

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Find New Partnership Opportunities with Outbound Links Outbound links are external links your visitors click to leave your site. For an affiliate website, your top outbound links should be your affiliates. Often your visitors will leave your site through other links. But you can change that! First, you need to find outbound links that get the most clicks. But with MonsterInsights, you can automatically track these links, without any coding. Using the report, you can identify new partnership opportunities, sign up for different affiliate programs, and replace your non-affiliate outbound links with an affiliate link.

Use a Floating Bar Optin to Promote Your Affiliates Another simple way of skyrocketing your revenue is by promoting your affiliates with floating bars targeted to your make money online buy traffic pages. In a floating baryou can display a special discount offer, provide a coupon code, and even add a countdown timer to create urgency.

So how can you add a floating bar to make make money online buy traffic money? First, find your top affiliates. Using MonsterInsights, you can view affiliates that get most clicks and perform the best.

Once you know which affiliate to promote, you can follow this tutorial to create a floating bar with a countdown timer. Are you selling your own products on your website? But what if we told you that you could convert those visitors and make more money from your store with a few simple optimization tricks? Cross-Sell Relevant Products to Shoppers One way to make more money from your eCommerce site is make money online buy traffic link to relevant products.

For instance, if you are selling laptops, you can cross-sell by recommending products like laptop bags, portable how to quickly earn webmoney, mouse, software, and other accessories on your product pages. Once you set it up, you can cross-sell products anywhere on your store, be it product pages, cart, or checkout.

Create an Upsell Popup on Your Store Along with cross-selling, you can upsell your products to visitors using popups. When a shopper is purchasing beachwear, you can upsell by showing a popup. In the popup, you can offer a discount or bundle a few products together from the same category.

Run a Giveaway for an Upcoming Product Giveaways attract attention, help capture leads, and boost sales. To make the most of a giveaway, you can run an entire campaign around an upcoming product line. Each month they would announce a winner, and on the date of the launch, they emailed their newly collected 5, leads about the new product. You follow the same strategy as KnivesShipFree. Start by creating a giveaway. You can use RafflePress to create a giveaway. Then announce a winner of each giveaway every month, while collecting leads.

And then send out an email announcement on the product launch date to all your subscribers. It will help you convert your existing users into sales.

3 Proven (and Reliable) Ways to Convert Paid Traffic into Profit

Then why not offer gift certificates to your customers to make more money. Gift certificates are excellent make money online buy traffic generating sales during the period when sales are low, without the need to increase traffic. Nashville Pedal Tavern used this tactic to sell gift cards to its visitors. After 30 seconds, a popup optin would appear for visitors showing the gift certificate.

Geo-Target Visitors with Selected Products and Discounts To make the most of your existing traffic, you can create geo-targeted offers and increase your sales. By finding out the countries your visitors access your website, you then offer them deals and products exclusively for these regions. Using MonsterInsights, you can find these regions right in your WordPress dashboard.

Simply install the plugin and go to its Overview report. Here, you can see the top countries that send traffic to your site. Once you know the regions that send in the most traffic, now create an exclusive offer for them. You can use OptinMonster for this process. Its smart display rules let you show your offer to visitors from specific locations. For example, eCommerce site Skates. So, they created a discount offer exclusively for visitors from France.

These stats show the potential of blogging. And it also leads to a question: how can you make more money from your website using your existing traffic? Offer Premium Downloadable Content You can generate tons of money by offering premium content to your existing visitors. Premium content can be anything like a whitepaper, PDF guides, documents, video, audio recordings, and more.

You can fine-tune this strategy to see which type of content gets the most downloads using MonsterInsights.

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Using its Top Downloads report, you can find out which content your visitors like and then you can create similar premium content. Create a Members-Only Receiving income through the Internet on Your Blog In addition to offering premium content, you can create a members-only area on your blog.

In the membership section, visitors would pay a monthly subscription fee to access exclusive content like in-depth guides, reports, videos, podcastsand more. Using the plugin, you can set up a membership section in no time.

All you have to do is install the plugin, add your payment options, upload exclusive content, and publish your members area. For a complete step by step process, you can see our guide on how to create a membership website. Sell Online Courses on Your Website Another way of making money from your blogs is by creating and selling online courses.

In fact, courses sell at a much higher price than other premium content like eBooks. There are many learning management system LMS plugins for WordPress that you can use to create and sell online courses. If you want a detailed tutorial, check out this guide on how to create online courses using LearnDash. Accept Sponsored Posts To make more money, you can accept sponsored posts for your blogging site.

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Sponsored posts are paid articles written by others. To publish the content on your website, you would charge a fee. Using this plugin, you can allow visitors to submit content to your website without make money online buy traffic in to the admin area. The best thing about WPForms is that you can use it to accept payments.

So, within the post submission form, you can add your payment gateway details as well. Add a Niche Job Board Did you know that you can get paid for listing job openings on your blogging site? So, companies looking for such individuals can use your website as a platform for recruitment.


To make money, you can charge fees from companies for listing their job openings. When a user clicks on those ads, you get paid a set fee. It usually takes about 8 hours for Google to review your application and determine if you qualify for AdSense.

Essential tools for anyone who wants to make money online… Peter Drucker is credited with perhaps the most important quote in business. What works?

Once your application is approved, you can use plugins like AdSanity to add the AdSense code anywhere on your site. Sells Ad Space Directly to Businesses If you want binary option without investment make money through ads, another lucrative way is to sell ad space on your website directly to businesses, instead of using a third party like AdSense.

While AdSense is easy to set up and convenient, it has its limitations. For starters, the amount you can earn is limited in AdSense and may vary across clicks.

That said, directly selling ad space requires a lot more management. At this point, you may ask us — how do they make money? In simple words, donations. You can easily create a donation form using WPForms.

It lets you create different types of forms for your website and accept payments with ease. For detailed instructions, you can follow this guide on how to create a donation form.

Using these tips and tricks, you can boost your sales and enjoy increased revenue using your existing traffic. You can pick ways that work for all make money online buy traffic of websites or choose from a specific type of site.

And if you want, you can use some of the ways together to maximize your chances of converting visitors. We hope you liked our article on ways to make more money from your existing website traffic. You can also go through our guide on the most important Google Analytics metrics every business should track. Want to Try MonsterInsights for Free? Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policyand all links are nofollow.

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