How to Make Money From a Website

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The key lies in pursuing multiple monetization methods, optimizing your conversion rate, and relying a bit less on passive income while your blog is still growing.

Write Affiliate-Centric Posts Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning money with your blog, but it has to be done correctly. To get started, sign up for programs like Amazon Associates and ShareaSale to find products and services that you can promote on make quick money on traffic in blog. The trick with affiliate marketing is being strategic with your content and link placements. Scattering affiliate links throughout your blog posts and putting a banner up in your sidebar is not going to cut it.

6 Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog’s Web Traffic In 2020

These posts tend to have a very high conversion rate, even if they only bring low traffic from Google. Nurture and Grow Your Email List The truth is no matter how much traffic your blog gets, most people will visit your website once, look around for a minute or two, and then leave without ever returning.

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You need to develop a rapport with your readers by emailing them regularly with useful, engaging, and valuable content. As they get to know and like you, they will be eager to take advantage of the offers you present them with when they do come along. Add open-ended questions at the end of your emails and a call-to-action to hit reply with their answer. It includes anything from a 1-page printable to a 6-module course on the topic of your expertise.

Start with something simple like a page, low-cost printable to start generating revenue more quickly.

Printables can be anything from shopping lists, checklists, workbooks, games, challenges, trackers, calendars, and more!

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A tripwire is a special low-priced offer that only appears on the thank-you page when visitors sign up for your email list. To make your tripwire a high-converting offer, it needs to be closely related to the topic of the freebie.

How To Make Quick Money In One Day Online

For example, if your freebie is a day calorie-tracker, a good tripwire could be a low-calorie recipe e-book. Not sure how to put it all together? Essentially, a sponsored post is when a brand pays you to write about their product.

6 Ways to Make Money with a Low-Traffic Blog

They are often in the form of product reviews. Go ahead and cast a wide net here; sign up for a few of these platforms and see where you get some nibbles!

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You can also find sponsors by pitching brands you want to work with directly. It demonstrates your professionalism to brands you are interested in working with. Add a Service-Based Offering For most bloggers, the dream is to reach your income goals by passive means. As a blogger, you have likely already positioned yourself to be an authority in your niche.

The easiest way to start is to add a page to your website with a contact form and a list of your services.

33 Ways to Monetize a Website/Blog

You can also advertise your services on make quick money on traffic in media and through online and offline networking. Not only do testimonials further bolster your credibility within your niche, but it can also facilitate higher conversion rates for your affiliate links and digital products. Incorporate Freelance Blogging As a blogger, you likely already know how to write a decent blog post.

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This is a double win for you because not only do you get paid to write blog posts, you also get your name out there and build authority in your niche. Just make sure the gig comes with a byline! You can add the best posts from your blog there, as well as any other published work or guest posts you may have written.

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Not only is this a professional way to present your writing samples, but Contently itself can become a source of work, with the potential for brands to reach you directly with gigs. Conclusion: Start Diversifying!

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When it comes to making money with a low-traffic blogdiversification is the name of the game. For example, once your blog has enough traffic to help you reach your passive income goals, you can scale back things like freelance blogging or online services if you prefer.

The world of blogging is ever-changing, and what works today can change tomorrow, no matter how big your blog gets!

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