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This article describes how to set up a zOS build environment to produce executable for two different execution environments from source files contained in a source repository. Requirements Set up a zOS build environment to produce executable for two different execution environments from source files contained in a arex binary options repository.

Some key concepts: 1. Translator: Describes an operation that will be performed on a file during a build.

Updating a CoCo SDC Firmware and DOS and adding SDCX the CoCo SDC eXplorer

It can be either a called program MVS module for compilation e. Language Definition: Represents the type of source file.

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Every source file contained in the repository should have a language definition associated with it. A single language definition can contain one or more translators or build properties for describing build operations.

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A language definition may not include translators. For example, typically the language definition for COBOL copybooks does not have translators and such language definitions are used only for source code scanners.

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Build Definition: Describes a Jazz team build. A dependency build definition contains the list of language definitions that will be processed in the build. When the language definitions selected in the build definition are using build properties for describing build operations, such build properties need to be defined in the build definition so that RTC build runtime code can substitute actual translators used in the build for them.

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Solution We will utilize build properties in language definitions to describe operations that will be performed during a build. Then two build definitions, which corresponds to two execution environments, will substitute different translators for those properties in order to produce two different executables.

The "Cobol Batch Demo" language definition contains four build properties, for which RTC build runtime substitutes translators.

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Within each build definition for "Cobol Batch Demo" a different set of translators are used for defining those build properties. In the following example, two environments Integration and Production are arex binary options, but the same approach can be applicable to the situations where there are environments need to be supported.

In the example, illustrated in the image below, is shown the definition of language "Cobol Batch Demo, extension "cob" and the list of build properties, for which will be substituted translators in a build.

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The order in the list is relevant as they are going to be executed in the order defined to build the source file. File extension is important because the build process sequence of translators defined for language "Cobol Batch Demo" just apply to the files with extension "cob" stored in RTC SCM unless a file is associated with a language definition explicitly though a file property.

A different language definition and extension for each source type should exist.

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In the following table below, it can be found some examples of Languages Definitions and extensions associated with them.

Language Definition.

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