The Modern Submarine

Bridge vanted how to make money. The Modern Submarine - Scientific American

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Portland, Ore. It is also available as plain text as well as XML. Unlimited field; products, absolute neces sity; no experience required; exclusive selling; rights in districted territory; propoBltlon insures continued repeat orders; large profit enables appointment sub-agents. Harold Koppelman, pres.

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Call at 54th ave S. One high climber?

В огромной дешифровальной машине завелся вирус - в этом он был абсолютно уверен.

Seaside, Or. VOregonian.

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STEADY men wanted to take exclusive control of good territory in Oregon and Washington; money advanced weekly; i outfit and special training free, expe-rience unnecessary; our active men are making good money, you can do the same ; clean, hardy, guaranteed stock. Yakima Valley Nursery Co.

Toppentsb, Wash.

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We need high grade salesmen to han dle new homes, acreage and business chances. We buy real estate, build and finance homes, and offer good men a very attractive contract.

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Write W 6 Jo, Oregonian. One with experience preferred. Good chance for advancement.

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Answer in own hand writing, giving reference, age and phone number. BFOregonian. HE LIABLE man to introduce to the trade distinct new Oregon product, easily sold; unlimited business assured; and take financial interest in aid of promotion, may secure good, permanent position and get benefit of expansion.


Old London Bridge, A Romance of the Sixteenth Century

Must be good mechanic. If you are a live wire we have an especially attractive proposition lor you.

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Apply Portland Labor Agency, taleign bldg. State age.

They had met to uphold the honour of their respective countries, and so chivalrously did the noble David bear himself upon that proud day for Scotland, that when, upon the third encounter, the Lord de Welles lay prostrate before his valorous foe, instead of vantage taking and striking his dagger into the throat of the vanquished lord, he threw himself in kind embrace upon the neck of the wounded knight, exclaiming- Live, Sir Knight! I fought without anger, and but for glory of my native land. Old London Bridge, our Old London Bridge, was begun as long ago 2 asand after thirty-three years of labour, was finished in. Peter of Colechurch, the Priest-architect, who built it, although often blamed in our day for his lack of engineering knowledge, must have laid his foundations pretty sure, for the arches he then raised were the same that, not twenty years ago, were pulled down upon the completion of the present structure, having lasted no less than years, in spite of the ceaseless torrent of the mighty Thames.

Addrefs AVOregonian. WANTED Janitor for an apartment house; must understand work thoroughly and be able to do kalsomining ; apart ment furnished and good wages. GOregonian. Wire or write J. Jones, Sixth street, Hoquiam. Full particulars and application blank jj-Ktis.

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Call Monday morning. Must be experienced and man who wants steady work. Call 1st at. Bridge vanted how to make money Arnold Amuse ment Co. Columbia Paper Box Co.

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Denver ave- and Webster t. E GOOD wood turners wanted, also 1 all around planning mill man; pay top wages, o-'y xu.

The Lost Tycoon

State references, salary first letter. Address AV 7il, Oregonian. Angela Hotel, Wash- Ington at. Must be all-around man.

Your request has been sent!

O Call fctock Exchange. Travel ; salaries; expenses. American Foreign Detective Agency, St. We fur nish everything. W rite us today.

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Can dymakenr Co. COOK wanted In small restaurant. Free man Adams.

In his junior year, Ted was expelled for smuggling a coed into his room. Despite their feuds, Ted now rarely questioned that he would work for his father.

Ap ply Henry Jenntng g bona. BOY to learn the hardware business.

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