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There are tons of ways when it comes to making money with code. The only thing that limits all the opportunities for you earning money with code is your own creativity. Most developers get inspired by the really successful companies that started out with just one developer and an idea. However, the odds of you building the next Facebook or Uber are not in your favor. Help a Local Business One of the easiest options is to ask family and friends.

This list includes both new and existing codes that will not be inactivated. A spreadsheet of earnings codes is also available that includes the option of filtering to view only the new earnings codes.

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Of note are the following changes: There are new earnings codes for living allowances for non-employees. Typically, the non-employee will be a Visiting Fellow job code For U. For non-resident alien non-employees receiving a living allowance, the earnings code needs to be LNR.

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Non-exempt employees are not eligible to receive additional compensation as a flat amount for services through additional pay. Non-exempt employees can work a secondary job but are required to track all hours worked for both the primary and secondary job and be paid overtime for any hours worked over 40 in a work week. As communicated in Aprilcellphone allowances will be discontinued in January Therefore earnings codes related to cellphone reimbursement as well as internet reimbursement will be eliminated.

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Please take some time to review the new list of additional pay earnings codes. If you have questions about when to use them or identify scenarios that have not been considered, contact enterprise-project osu.

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No action will be needed from colleges and units when there is a clear mapping to a new earnings codes. When there is no clear mapping to a new earnings code, colleges and units will need to review the entry and determine which new code should be used.

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To gather the appropriate earnings codes for existing entries: Payroll Services distributed a spreadsheet of existing additional pay entries to each college and unit the week of November Colleges and units will update the spreadsheet with the appropriate earnings codes and send the updated spreadsheet to Payroll Services by Friday, December 13, If you have questions about which earnings code to use, contact enterprise-project osu.

This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the new earnings codes and specific issues you have encountered in updating existing entries. Other Additional Pay updates The gross up option for additional pay that is currently available will be eliminated when Workday is implemented in June There are several key exceptions included for university required uniforms and clothing where the gross up will be automatically earnings on the Internet by codes.

There is no material change to the policy, just a change in terminology.

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