Using the OPAC via Primo Code Tables

Ovp with options


    Original program statements are identified by line numbers.

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    This means that it is the first line in the program. In interactive mode, SAS continues with the sequence ovp with options line numbering until you end your session. If you submit the program again or submit other programs in your current SAS sessionthe first program line number will be the next consecutive number.

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    See the SAS documentation for your operating environment. The minimum record length was The maximum record length was This statement uses SAS system options to set a page size of 24 and a line size of 64, and to suppress the date in the output.

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    Note that the continuation line is preceded by an exclamation point! If MSGLEVEL is set to I, the log displays additional notes pertaining to index usage, merge processing, and sort utilities, along with standard notes, warnings, and error messages.

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    Customizing the log is helpful when you use the log for report writing or for creating a permanent record. You can use the following two options in the FILE statement to customize the log for that report.

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    NUMBER system option controls whether the page number prints on the first title line of each page of printed output. See the SAS documentation for your operating environment for more information.

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