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    How can I make money using Token Metrics? Here is a case study on how Harvey, a Token Metrics customer, used the platform to make money. I've been a Token Metrics member since December I was very lucky to have been a follower of Ian Balina for over 2 years so was well aware of his token rating investment track record, open, honest, and transparent values as well as his ability to spot incredible life-changing investment opportunities.

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    So when he decided to create Token Metrics, a platform which would use AI and machine learning techniques to predict short and long term price movements in cryptocurrencies, it was a no brainer for me to become a member of the platform.

    I also have a background in data analytics so I could instantly see the value proposition being offered by token rating platform's data-driven approach to investing that perhaps the average person wouldn't.

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    I have already made two very profitable trades this year as a direct result of using the short term metrics on this platform. And the second, was more recently on April 20th when short term metrics were 'very bullish' on BTC whilst everyone in the industry was either uncertain or bearish.

    I couldn't recommend Token Metrics enough to anyone out there, and I would also strongly suggest getting even just the Basic Plan if you can afford it because the benefits provided will be life-changing.

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    Is there a trial? We want to make sure users see value in the amazing platform we have built before subscribing.

    Can I upgrade my plan in the future? You will be issued a pro-rated refund for unused days on the current plan and then upgraded to the new plan.

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    Interested in a Free Account? Do You Still Have Questions? Sign Up for the Token Metrics Webinar below.

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