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    Description About this item. Perfect Thanksgiving Gift or Chanukah gift.

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    Imported from USA. Bitcoin, the Decentralized peer-to-peer Digital Currency. Bitcoin BTC is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system which is rapidly growing in popularity and was invented by an unknown programmer or possibly a group of programmersunder the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it is also the Hottest Cryptocurrency Today. Bitcoin has taken the world of finance by storm because it is the first successful decentralized digital currency.

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    It's better then currency because its not physical and you can make large transactions with it, which is super convenient. The ability to create something that cannot be duplicated in the digital world is extremely valuable.

    If people are smart many of the Business giants will build on that idea.

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    Conventional currency relies on a third party, whom you may or may not trust but need to work through anyway. With Cryptocurrencies you don't have to deal with banks, which are responsible for credit bubbles with very little in reserve. Impress your friends and display these chocolate coins on your Bitcoin Blockchain Trading Desk or bring it to your next Bitcoin Meetup.

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    We love Everything Cryptocurrency and so should you. This is our new reality, a new era on Earth!

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    Interested in new technology, I came across the Bitcoin topic some time ago. Bitcoins are a decentralized peer-to-peer transferred from person to person digital currency which means there is no central authority like banks or governments behind the currency and the transaction process is done by a network of private computers.

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    Buy Now For Thanksgiving or Chanukah gift. Show More.

    These coins, however, are made of chocolate. The unusual merchandise comes courtesy of Frankford, a candy manufacturer based in Philadelphia. Taking Awareness To The Masses?