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How much does a new participant earn per house 2, JobKeeper Payment Q&A Guide [Updated 2020]

Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature and is not intended to substitute for professional advice. If you are unsure about how this information applies to your specific situation, we recommend you contact Employment Innovations for further advice. How does JobKeeper work? In simple terms, the jobkeeper allowance is given to employers to help them pay their staff and retain them during COVID Employees earning more than the amount claimed via JobKeeper will continue to receive their normal wage or salary entitlement.

The first extension runs from the 28th September till the 3rd January Employees who worked less than 80 hours during the same period begin earning the tier 2 rate.

JobKeeper Payment Q&A Guide [Updated 2020]

These changes will now be in place for both the first and second extensions. What has changed? Firstly, there are two rates of fortnightly payments for the two extensions: While these payment rates have not changed as of the 16th Septemberthe amount of hours worked to be eligible for the Tier 1 rate has increased. Employees must now satisfy a 80 hour threshold to be entitled to the Tier 1 rate. New info for employees: If you were newly employed as a full-time, part-time or fixed-term employee between 1 March and 1 Julyyou are now eligible for either extension from your employer.

The rate you receive will depend on how many hours you worked in the 2 fortnights before 1 July If you are a long-time casual employee, the 12 month period of employment for extension 2. Employees that now qualify for JobKeeper payments from 1 July can receive back payments dating from August 3.

Those who were aged 18 years or older, or were an independent 16 or 17 year old not undertaking full time study, at 1 July are now eligible. That means that workers who were forced to switch employers during the uncertainty of the first wave will now qualify for JobKeeper from their new employer.

how much does a new participant earn per house 2

That means that if your business briefly recovers for one quarter, be it the July quarter or the September quarterbut declines again, you will still be Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Creator for the proceeding extension. Employees are eligible in how much does a new participant earn per house 2 extension period if they: are currently employed by an eligible employer including if you were stood down or rehired are an Australian resident within the bitcoin earnings every hour of the Social Security Act an Australian resident for the purpose of the Income Tax Assessment Act and the holder of a Subclass Special Category visa as at 1 March Only one employer can claim the JobKeeper Payment in respect of an employee.

The self-employed will be eligible to receive the payments if they meet the relevant turnover test, and are not a permanent employee of another employer. How does the new 80 hour threshold work?

how much does a new participant earn per house 2

Workers must have worked a total of 80 hours or more within their reference period to access the Tier 1 rate. An employees reference period is the most recent 28 days ending on the final day of their pay period that ended before either 1 March or 1 July For example: You were paid on the 27th February Your reference period would be from the 30th January till the 26th February If the employee has worked during both of these periods, they only have to satisfy the 80 hour threshold during one period to be eligible for the Tier 1 rate.

The 80 hours must be actual hours worked so any hours worked overtime will count towards the 80 hours. Similarly, if an employee was rostered for over 80 hours but only worked 70 hours, they would not be eligible for Tier 1.

Additionally, any hours of paid leave is counted towards the 80 hours regardless of whether it is at half pay or full pay. Unpaid leave is not counted. More information on the 80 hour threshold is available here. Is your business eligible for the extension? In order to be eligible for the first extension, you must show that your actual GST turnover in the quarter ending September has declined by the specified amount compared to the same period in For the second extension, you must show that your actual GST turnover in the quarter ending December has declined by the specified amount compared to the same period in It also operates on actual GST turnover rather than projected sales.

While you must be employed by an eligible business, there is no minimum requirement for hours worked to earn JobKeeper payments. If you are unable to work with your employer due to COVID, you will still be able to get the payment.

Additionally, it is not lawful for employers to use the payments as leverage to force you how to make a living on the internet unfair work conditions. However, under JobKeeper directivesyour employer can direct you to perform tasks outside your usual responsibilities if determined as necessary by the business. How long will the JobKeeper 2.

There are two extensions. The first extension is until the 3rd January The second extension is from 4 January to 28 March These two extensions have different payment rates.

how much does a new participant earn per house 2

Can I earn JobKeeper if I work part time? Part-time, full-time and long term casuals are all eligible as long as they satisfy the eligibility criteria. A casual employee is considered long how much does a new participant earn per house 2 if they have been with their employer for at least 12 months. Can I get JobKeeper if I have 2 jobs?

Employees are only eligible for JobKeeper payments from their permanent employer.

If you are working part-time at one business and as a casual employee at another business, you are only eligible to earn the payments from your part-time role. This is the case even if you are a long-term casual at your second job.

This is also still the case even if your permanent employer is not eligible for JobKeeper but your casual employer is.

how much does a new participant earn per house 2

Can I say no to JobKeeper? Employers are unable to claim the payments on your behalf if you do not agree to be nominated. You may want to refuse the JobKeeper payment as accepting it allows employers to issue an Enabling Direction.

how much does a new participant earn per house 2

These directions enable employers to reduce hours of work or change the location of work. Can I cancel JobKeeper? Yes, employees can cancel their nomination even if they have already applied and earned payments.

To do so, you can either discuss the matter with your employer or phone the ATO directly. How much will I get paid? Employees can earn more than their relevant JobKeeper payment as long as they have worked enough to warrant further pay.

To see the current post adjustment rates, visit the International Civil Service Commission website. Under certain conditions an education grant if you have eligible children in school.

Employers will only receive the relevant JobKeeper payment amount for that employee from the government. When will I get paid?

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The full amount should be paid as part of your regular pay frequencies. If you are paid weekly or monthly, employees will earn either half their fortnightly payment per week, or double their fortnightly payment per month excluding August.

August contains three JobKeeper fortnights so employees will earn triple their fortnightly payment for that month only if paid monthly. Can I take leave without pay?

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Yes, employees can take authorised unpaid leave while receiving JobKeeper payments. During this unpaid leave, employees will still receive the same payments. Can I be fired on JobKeeper? Employees can still be dismissed while earning JobKeeper. If you have been given notice of termination, you can still earn payments for the duration of that notice until dismissed. For more information on ending employment during the coronavirus pandemic, visit this fair work ombudsman page.

how much does a new participant earn per house 2

How is JobSeeker taxed? The amount that you receive as a JobKeeper allowance is still taxed at your regular marginal tax rate, as it is regarded as assessable income.

For employees that have received either of these payments and then become eligible for the JobKeeper payment, they will need to advise Centrelink.

Please note: If an employee double-dips on JobSeeker and JobKeeper, they may be required to pay it back. Is there an age limit for JobKeeper? Employees must be 16 or older to qualify, however those aged 16 or 17 must be considered financially independent by the government to be eligible.

Anyone aged 18 or above can be eligible without proving independence.