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Final Words 1. McMillan is regarded as one of the most reliable sources of information on anything related to the options market. The guide provides you with details on the fundamentals of making calls especially out-of-the-money calls.

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For example, it teaches you how to use options as a hedge and also how to the best textbook on options with market volatility. On a positive note, though, each paragraph of this guide is written in an engaging manner for easy digestion. Check price on Amazon 2.

Final Chapter Day trading books can teach you about strategy, risk management, psychology, and a great deal about technical analysis.

Trading Options for Dummies Lawrence G. Authored by Joe Duarte, MD, this guide captures the basics.

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For instance, it talks about how to understand the art of buying and selling options. It also talks about how to determine and manage risk.

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Yet another wonderful aspect of it is that it educates you on how to capitalize on sideways movements. Indeed, Duarte, a former money manager, has a lot in store of newbies looking to learn the ropes. Check price on Amazon 3.

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But who is Sheldon? Check price on Amazon 4. Within it are option Greeks techniques among them rho, vega, theta, delta, and gamma.

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Indeed, Dan goes ahead and explains these factors using very simple terms. But because it covers quite some technical detail, we think that seasoned traders would be the ones to benefit the most from it.

Check price on Amazon 5.

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But what if you could take a crash course by one of the leading trainers out there i. Frank Richmond?

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The icing on the cake is that this book is an page one. So, you can easily peruse it in a few short days. Plus, we like the fact that the author has used easy-to-understand language. Check price on Amazon 6.

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The Options Playbook One thing that stands out about this guide is that it not only offers practical advice for investors but also pointers for anyone looking to add variety to their the best textbook on options strategy. Indeed, this course brings you up to speed with more than 40 options trading strategies.

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Each one of those strategies is categorized as either bearish, bullish or neutral. And that way, you can easily determine if it meets your risk appetite or not.

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Check price on Amazon 7. Option Trading in your Spare Time This affordably priced guide seems written with women in mind. With the debate about the gender pay gap raging, women have come out as earning less than their male counterparts.

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Also, women are naturally forced to spend a lot of time away from work taking care of their children. With all those constraints in mind, this book by Kirkland and McCullough aims to empower women with the knowledge of options trading.

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And one thing we like about it is that it provides tips that can even be used by anyone with limited financial resources. Check price on Amazon 8.

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Hull is a professor of Derivatives and Risk Management. The year-old is indeed armed with the essential skills needed to trade profitably in the long-term. The guide provides you with a clear understanding of the futures markets.

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It also contains actionable tips and tidbits on swaps among other derivative instruments. Check price on Amazon 9.

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The authors educate you on how to build a steady income stream by selling options. This is done within paragraphs of content packed with real-world examples. We also like the fact that this book is quite written and clear in guidance. It, therefore, helps beginners avoid the common pitfalls of novice options trading.

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Check price on Amazon Binary Options Trading Within this publication is video tutorials binary options strategy rarely-talked-about options strategy that uses a simple precept. Indeed, this guide entails analyzing whether different assets rise or fall above certain price points.

Trading Options Greeks Get this book Let us discuss each of the option trading books in detail along with its key takeaways and reviews. It covers more than 40 option trading strategies broken down in intriguing plays, which will keep the readers engrossed and feel involved. The format of the play has been kept uniform, which will offer information on: Strategies considered and implemented Sweet Spot for trade execution Maximum Potential of making a profit or Loss A requirement of Margin Money Time constraints This expanded edition consists of 10 new plays and 56 new pages of content describing: A brief history of options Five common mistakes made by options traders and how could they be avoided Expanded Glossary Explaining the difference between Index and Stock options Managing early exercise and assignment It calculates position delta and its use to manage overall position risk in case of a multi-leg option strategy. Key Takeaways from this Top Options Trading Book This Options Trading Book is framed in a very simplified but constructed manner, which is beneficial for new as well as experienced traders.

John Reigner published this book in with the sole objective of providing upcoming options traders with updated information on binary options trading strategies.

The book clearly lives up to expectations as it goes well beyond the basics to provide practical strategies for traders. Check price on Amazon Final Words Attempting to trade options without enough reading is similar to making shots in the dark. Wise traders know all too well the importance of constantly updating their skills.