Summer Jobs for Ages 5 to 11

Make money over the summer, 29 Fun Ways to Make Money This Summer

Scott Allen Updated April 28, Summer's here, and opportunities for quick money abound. If you're a recent graduate, a teacher or student off for the summer, or anyone else looking for some quick cash, summer's a great time to start a business.

Students, Teachers & Adults-Have Fun Making Money This Summer

With a little money, some hard work, and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, you can start turning a profit immediately. And all of these ideas are things you can still walk away from in September if you want to. Here are six ways make money over the summer can be your boss this summer: Go Where It's Hot, and Help People Keep Cool There are plenty of public places that don't have snack bars, and even the convenience store's not convenient enough.

Bottled water, sports drinks, visors, cheap sunglasses, and battery-powered fans will sell anywhere there's sunshine.

make money over the summer

Try parks, the beach, baseball practice field, or even a busy street corner near popular summer destinations. What You'll Need: Transportation, a decent cooler 28 quart or largerfour bags of ice, two cases of bottled water, two cases of sports drinks, a half-dozen sunglasses, a half-dozen visors, and a half-dozen battery-powered fans.

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Buy the sunglasses, visors, and fans at your local dollar store for starters. How Much You Can Make: Even buying at retail prices, you should be able to charge double or triple your cost, or even more for the bottled water.

How to Grow: Once you've figured out which products are moving best, you can order them wholesale at a fraction of the cost. Things to Watch out For: Check your local sales tax requirements. Also, permits may be required at beaches, parks, and other public areas.

1. Search The Internet

Lawn and Yard Care People who care for their yard the rest of the year may not want to keep up with it in the summer when it needs to be mowed every weeks at least where I live. And full-time professional yard maintenance services want to set up regular contracts.

Offer a low price and don't try to push the ongoing contracts. Be opportunistic.

make money over the summer

Drive through neighborhoods looking for yards that need mowing and leave a flyer. It's hard work, but decent money if you control your costs.

Top ten ways to make summer cash quick

It will take a couple of dollars of gas per yard, and figure another dollar or so for trimmer line, mower blades, etc. If you don't have too much travel time, you should be able to do each yard in less than an hour. How to Grow: Own the equipment. Hire make money over the summer friend to help.

I was able to keep my current phone and phone number. This cool service that lets you put a friendly wager on your weight loss.

Offer additional services, such as weeding, planting, landscaping, etc. Things to Watch out For: Equipment maintenance can eat up all your profits very quickly. Keep it well-oiled, clean, and sharp. Also, don't chintz on the equipment.

And finally…

The right equipment will allow you to work twice as fast. The wrong equipment will make some yards impossible.

Here are just a couple of our ideas: Renting out your parking space or garage How do you do it? Firstly you need to register your parking space or garage through sites such as JustPark. Theses sites enable you to advertise your space to thousands of people. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all those people needing somewhere to park for the hundreds of music and sporting events.

Best Web Resource: LawnServicing. House Sitting and Pet Sitting Summer is family vacation time, and someone has to watch the pets and take the mail and newspaper in when everybody leaves for a week or two.

If you can target your marketing to families, that will be most effective. Be prepared to provide personal references. Network with everyone you know to let them know you're looking for this kind of work.

Summer Jobs for Ages 12 to 14

Referrals will be your best lead source. Summer camp may take care of a few weeks, a family trip another week or business plans how to make money, but then what about the rest of the summer? Find two or three families, or one with several kids, and take care of kids during the day. It's less money than some of the other options, but it's generally easier work.

3 Ways to Make Money Over the Summer - wikiHow

Or, charge more for added services, like pet care or light house cleaning. There's a big step from watching kids from families in one of their homes to watching kids in your own home.

Some states have licensing requirements for nannies, as well.

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  • Before signing yourself up for a seasonal restaurant job, though, try one of these 29 fun ways to make money this summer!
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  • Get ahead of these problems by introducing your kids to the wonder of a summer job.

Lots of free articles, plus information about government regulations for all U. Tutoring and Teaching Opportunities abound for the entrepreneurially-minded person with knowledge to share.

make money over the summer

Some kids need help catching up on one or two subjects, homeschoolers usually school year 'round, and many parents put their kids in summer classes on a fun topic like science, drama, or creative writing. You can tutor individual kids, or put together a group workshop or week-long class.

Ways You Can Make Money over a Summer in Lockdown Posted on in BlogUncategorized I get it: you might have been put on furlough, made redundant or your summer placement may have been cancelled. Work in Retail or a Restaurant Perhaps most obviously, one way that you can make money is by working in a shop.

For a facility, check local community centers, YMCA, etc. All of the above business ideas can be started on a minimal budget and bootstrapped by reinvesting some of your profits. While they have a seasonal element to them, they also all offer the potential of growing into a full-time, year-round business if you choose, but they're all also things you can walk away from in the fall.